Course Registration Links in WebAdvisor

Holds and Registration Approvals

  • - view administrative office holds, which you will need to clear in order to register;
  • - find out when your registration window opens and closes;
  • - check that your adviser has given online authorization for you to register when your window opens; and
  • - view any individual instructor consents for registration into specific course sections.

Create Your Preferred List of Sections

  • view the course offerings for a particular term;
  • see which courses are open, which have a waiting list, and which are closed;
  • select sections to add to your preferred course list (no limit although a couple hundred will crash your WebAdvisor account); and
  • register if your window is open and requirements are met.

Register and Make Changes

  • begin your actual registration from this link, once you have developed your preferred list (your "shopping cart") and your window is open.
  • you can only register for courses listed in your preferred courses list, so create that list before your registration window opens.

Your Waitlisted Sections

  • move sections from Waitlist to Register when an open seat is offered.
  • remove waitlisted sections in which you are no longer interested.
  • there is no immediate or 'automatic' process by which a student is clicked into the course from the waitlist. If a seat opens for a section and you are at the top of the waiting list (as managed by the faculty), you receive an e-mail notifying you of the opening and giving you a deadline to register for that seat, and to make any other adjustments to your schedule. If you miss the deadline, you lose the seat.