Closed Course Registration Options

You will be stopped from registering in a section if the course capacity is reached.

  • You can choose to waitlist in the course once the active course limits have been reached during your registration window.
  • Please note that the active course limits change by the department during the class year registration windows. The Course Offering List notes the Expected Capacity, which is the final expected course limit. Under the Course Offering Limit details and within WebAdvisor registration, the current active course limit shows as the current registration capacity. This may change during the different class year registration window. For example, if you see the Expected Capacity = 18 and the current active limit or WebAdvisor capacity is showing = 6, it means that the department is managing the capacity for a specific class year. Later, that same section may show up as having a registration capacity = 12 and later, 17 and later 18, etc.
  • Sample error message if a course is closed: PE-158B-01 - Course Filled. Either add to wait list or look for an available section.
  • Do not ask the faculty for instructor consent to get into a closed course. Obtaining instructor consent does not allow you to register into a closed course, or to be moved off a waitlist.

Expected capacity = the final expected course limit. This number shows up on the course offering list.

Active Course Limit = current capacity limited by the department. This number often changes as more seats are opened for different class years, or to let a student off the waiting list. This number shows up on the course offering list details and Search for Classes.