WebAdvisor Registration Help for Students

Registration is the initial process of signing up for courses each term. Consistent with W&L's principle that students bear responsibility for their academic choices and progress, each student selects sections to register into each term. You create a list of preferred courses in WebAdvisor, then when your window opens, you determine which section is moved to registered or waiting-list status. The system checks for open seats and for appropriate qualifications, including adviser registration authorization, prerequisites, instructor consent, time conflicts, etc.

Drop/add is the process of adjusting your class schedule during the first few days of each term. All degree-seeking students are required to be registered for a full-time load for each term (minimum 12 credits during fall and winter terms, four credits for spring term) by the end of the drop/add period. There is no charge for these transactions during the initial free drop/add period, though late fees begin going up quickly afterwards.

What are the steps for registering for classes?

More Help Topics:

Registration Override Form

Paper registration form to allow for registration into a course conflict, to not take required co-requisite, override a retake stop, or approval into a closed course.

Conflicting Courses

Registration into two sections with a time conflict requires a paper form.

Course Types

Used in Student Planning and the Course Offering list


Who to contact for registration help.

Instructor Consent Required

Some sections require instructor consent or permission before you can add to the section or add to the waiting list.

Overload Approval

Fall or winter registration over 15 credits requires a petition to overload. Spring term is capped at 5 credits.

Part or All?

All registration changes at once, or allow for partial registration changes?

Registration Overrides

A paper form is required for section conflicts, corequisite exceptions, and retake overrides.

Retaking a Course

Some courses are limited to the number of times you can register for or repeat the class.

Underload Approval

All students must take a full-time load, and underload approvals are rarely granted.

Window to Register

Registration opens for different class years at different windows of time and closes for everyone after the initial drop-add period.