Waitlisting for a Course

How Waitlisting Works

Add your name to a waiting list for any course section after the active course limit of the section is reached. If you are on a waiting list, this does not guarantee registration into that course or course section. There is no immediate or "automatic" process by which a student is registered into the course by the instructor; it is the student's responsibility to follow the waiting list registration procedure below.

  • You should still create a complete schedule with a full-time load.
  • Once registration has opened and a course is closed (the current active course limit is reached), students may add to waiting lists for planned sections by clicking the 'Waitlist' button on your 'Plan & Schedule' screen.
  • During the initial class-year registration windows only, if you are on a waiting list and a seat opens, if you refresh your 'Schedule' screen, you may be able to 'Register' in the section even a it has waiting list from a previous class year.  There is some risk involved in losing your place on the waiting list and not getting the seat if your screen is not refreshed and the space has filled.
  • After the initial class-year registration windows are closed, if seats come available and there is a waiting list, a student can only register into an open seat from a wait list offer. The 'waitlist' button will show up on the planned section and not a 'register' button.
  • Students can only waitlist on one section of a multi-section course.
  • A few courses (e.g. PHYS 113) do not allow waiting lists to form.
  • A student cannot waitlist in a section during a time block when another section is currently registered.

Automatic Waitlist Processes:

  • Waitlist offers are made Monday through Friday (no offers go out on Saturday or Sunday). At the request of some faculty, the registration system was set to not make waiting list offers on the weekends. If, for example, a faculty member puts you at the top of the list on Saturday, you won't get an offer until early Monday morning.
  • If you decide that you no longer want to be on a particular waiting list, please 'Drop' off the waiting list.
  • If a seat opens in the course and you are at the top of the waitlist, you receive an email offer. Please ignore the reference to WebAdvisor, which will stay on the email during the transition from WebAdvisor to Student Planning.
  • The email gives you a deadline by which you must go back into Student Planning and adjust your schedule and 'Register' in the course. If you miss the deadline, you lose the seat.
  • Be sure to check your email often if you are wishing for a seat in a class. The deadline is only 24 - 48 hours long (technically the offer expires at midnight on the day after you receive an offer).
  • The 'Timeline' view shows when your have to permission to register off the waiting list.
  • Note: A problem in Student Planning is if you receive a waitlist offer and do not want to accept it, there is no easy way to drop off the waiting list.  But, it is very important that you do so, because the seat needs to be quickly offered to another student.  To do this, forward your email to the University Registrar's office at registrar@wlu.edu and request that we drop you off the waiting list. We cannot process the drop, unless you specifically tell us to do so.
  • The process of offering seats to students on a waiting list will begin after all class-year windows have finished and continue throughout the term initial drop/add period.
  • No new waitlist offers are made during the last day of drop-add. If a seat opens on the last day, a student can add to the section by completing a Registration Override form into a closed course.