Placement Results for W&L Placement Tests Results and Registration Recommendations - Fall 2019 (under review)

W&L Placement TestStudent Planning Test Summary ScoreShows on Student Planning Schedule & Plan (it counts as prerequisite) as...Registration Recommendation
Chinese 111 register for CHIN 111
Chinese 261 CHIN 112P (0 credit) register for CHIN 261
Chinese 300 CHIN 2-FL-N (0 credit), FL exempt
Chinese 301 CHIN 2-FL-N (0 credit), FL exempt; CHIN 262P (0 credit) register for CHIN 301
Chinese 311 CHIN 2-FL-N (0 credit), FL exempt; CHIN 302P (0 credit) register for CHIN 311
English* *no placement test
French 0 no score. Student did not take placement test.
French 111 register for FREN 111.
French 161 FREN 112P (0 credit) register for FREN 161, ITAL 113 or PORT 113
French 164 FREN 160P (0 credit) register for FREN 164, ITAL 113 or PORT 113
French 200 FREN 1-FL0N (0 credit), FL exempt register for any 200-level French course
German 111 register for GERM 111
German 261 GERM 112P (0 credit) register for GERM 261
German 300 GERM 2-FL-N (0 credit), FL exempt register for GERM 311
Greek 201 GR 102P (0 credit) register for GR 201
Greek 300 GR 2-FL-N (0 credit), FL exempt register for GR 301
Italian see ROML department head for placement
Japanese 111 register for JAPN 111
Japanese 261 JAPN 112P (0 credit) register for JAPN 261
Japanese 300 JAPN 2-FL-N (0 credit), FL exempt
Japanese 301 JAPN 2-FL-N (0 credit), FL exempt; JAPN 262P (0 credit) register for JAPN 301
Japanese 311 JAPN 2-FL-N (0 credit), FL exempt; JAPN 302P (0 credit) register for JAPN 311
Latin 101 recommended for LATN 101
Latin 102 LATN 101P (0 credit) recommended for LATN 102, but eligible for LATN 101
Latin 201 LATN 102P (0 credit) register for LATN 201
Latin 202 LATN 201P (0 credit) recommended for LATN 202 (winter) but eligible for LATN 301. Passing LATN 301 meets HL and placement out of FL
Latin 300 LATN 2-FL-N (0 credit), FL exempt exempt from foreign language requirement, eligible to take 300-level LATN courses
Mathematics 101 register for MATH 101 (not 101B)
Mathematics 102 MATH 101P (0 credits) either take MATH 101 for credit or register for MATH 102 as an Advanced Standing student (see Note #1 below)
PE Swim Test no score take swim test on Wed. of Orientation week
PE Swim Test 100 Passed swim test register for any 100- or 200-level PE
PE Swim Test 101 Did not pass swim test register for PE 101
Portuguese See ROML department head for placement
Russian 111 register for RUSS 111
Russian 261 RUSS 112P (0 credit) register for RUSS 261
Russian 301 RUSS 2-FL-N (0 credits), FL exempt register for RUSS 301
Spanish 0 no score. Student did not take placement test.
Spanish 111 Register for SPAN 111. 
Spanish 161 SPAN 112P (0 credit) register for SPAN 161, ITAL 113 or PORT 113
Spanish 164 SPAN 160P (0 credit) register for SPAN 164, ITAL 113 or PORT 113
Spanish 200 SPAN 1-FL-N (0 credit), FL exempt register for SPAN 204, 209, 211, 212, 220 or 240

Course numbering:

Courses with a number such as 2-FL-N or 1-SC-N represent a subject and if the course counts toward the major and/or meets a foundation and distribution requirement. Example: CHEM 1-SC-N = Chemistry elective, 100-level, meets FDR-SC, non-major course. A second example: SPAN 2-FL-M = Spanish elective, 200-level, meets FDR-FL, may be used for the major.

Mathematics Note

  • Note #1: Students may opt to enroll in MATH 102 (3) as an advanced-standing student, instead of MATH 101 for the fall term. Upon completing MATH 102 with a grade of C or better in the fall term, credit for MATH 101 (3) also will be awarded. This option is ONLY available in the fall term of the student's first year.

Advanced Standing

For some math courses (currently MATH 102, 221A, or 332), qualified first-year students may take a University-administered examination no later than four weeks into fall term to qualify for college credit in lower-level courses. Students must be pursuing and must pass, with a C (2.0) or better the higher-level course noted in the registration recommendation. Students must contact the appropriate department head to indicate an interest in this option.

Last updated June 26, 2018