Drop/Add Policies Concerning Undergraduate Registration Changes Summer 2017

Summer, 2017 is the first summer that undergraduate students can register for faculty-approved coursework – primarily internship credits.  The University Registrar’s office has registered students in approved sections from lists provided from course instructors.  Students are responsible; however, for the accuracy of their schedule and should view their registration in Student Planning or WebAdvisor and take drop or add action as noted below.

REGISTRATION: (opens April 1) - submitted by instructors

DROP/ADD: (opens June 15)

Add period (closes August 31)
Drop period (closes June 30)

ActionPetition Faculty EC?Late FeeSignatures Required
LATE DROP: after June 30
Drop with record begins - W on all dropped courses
no - Paper form, all signatures - instructor, adviser, dean

LATE DROP or ADD: after August 31
WP or WF grades on all dropped courses

yes $200 paper declaration, all signatures - instructor, adviser, Faculty EC

Miscellaneous Summer Term Policies

  • A full-time course load is 12 credits. No overloads or underloads.
  • There is no Pass/Fail declaration for graded courses.
  • Courses graded WIP (Work-in-Progress) at the end of the summer must have their work completed in the fall on the schedule outlined by the instructor.
  • Students use a paper drop/add form for all registration changes after initial registration.
  • No late charges during the same term for circumstances beyond student's control (medical or departmental convenience changes after appropriate Faculty EC action)
  • No overloads or underloads.

Approved Summer Courses

ACCT 453: Internship (3) (summer, winter) (S-U grading)

ARTH 453: Internship in Arts Management (3) (summer only)

ARTS 453: Internship in Studio Art (3) (summer only)

FREN 451: Internship Abroad (1) (summer only)

FREN 452: Internship Abroad (2) (summer only)

FREN 453: Internship Abroad (3) (summer only)

GERM 451: Internship Abroad (1) (summer only)

GERM 453: Internship Abroad (3) (summer only)

GERM 456: Internship Abroad (6) (summer only)

HIST 453: Internship in History (3) (all terms – including summer)

HIST 456: Internship in History (3) (all terms – including summer)

INTR 453: International Internship (3) (summer only) (S-U grading)

JOUR 451: News Internship (1) (summer only)

JOUR 452: News Internship (2) (summer only)

JOUR 453: News Internship (3) (summer only)

JOUR 461: Communications Internship (1) (summer only)

JOUR 462: Communications Internship (2) (summer only)

JOUR 463: Communications Internship (3) (summer only)

MUS 451: Internship (1) (summer only)

MUS 452: Internship (2) (summer only)

MUS 453: Internship (3) (summer only)

NEUR 453: Neuroscience Internship (3) (summer only)

POL 285: Contemporary Britain (3) (summer only)

POL 453: Internship (3) (all terms – including summer)

POL 456: Internship (6) (all terms – including summer)

POV 450: Shepherd Summer Internship (0) (summer only) (S-U grading)

POV 453: Shepherd Summer Internship (3) (summer only) (S-U grading)

PSYC 453: Internship (3) (all terms – including summer)

SOAN 453: Internship (3) (summer only)

THTR 453: Internship (3) (summer only)