The transcript is the complete record of all academic work attempted at Washington and Lee, regardless of whether the student was enrolled in law or undergraduate courses, as a degree-seeking student, or a non-degree student. W&L does not provide official transcripts which segregate individual courses, schools, or terms or reflects only study at one level. The transcript also includes a notation of the student's current status with the university, such as "On campus", "Graduated", or "Voluntarily withdrew".

Official copies of Washington and Lee University transcripts, bearing the University seal and the University Registrar's signature, are provided directly to individuals, schools, or organizations upon the written (including facsimile) request of the student or alumnus/a. Each digital or print transcript is accompanied by a transcript key.

Written requests for a transcript are required and should include information to identify the individual (e.g., birthdate, social security number only if necessary), address where the transcript is to be sent, and the signature and telephone number or e-mail address of the student whose record it is. The student's rank in class does not appear on the transcript but may be requested in writing or, for recent classes, found on the Ranks page.

Official electronic transcripts are provided through Credentials eSCRIP-SAFETM. View a list of 3,500+ colleges and universities which automatically accept these transcripts. You may also order official electronic transcripts to be provided directly to individuals. Such transcripts are only official as long as they remain in the original electronic format. Facsimile ("fax") transcripts are not provided due to security, data transmission, and privacy considerations. Please note that this service is only available for the records of alumni who have graduated beginning with Fall 1985.

Official printed transcripts and first-class postage are provided free of charge as a service to current and former students. Expedited delivery (FedEx) is available on request and for a special charge (see below). Apostille and other special certifications may require different information and additional charges.

Request forms (print format or electronic format) -- can be filled in online and then printed and sent to the University Registrar via regular mail or facsimile. At this time, legal requirements for signatures do not allow for simple electronic-mail requests. After your last enrollment at Washington and Lee, no subsequent name change will be reflected on the transcript, with the exception of a name change associated with a gender change.

The University Registrar does not provide unofficial transcripts or other unofficial documents. Students who want a simple listing of their Academic Course History should use that link in Self-Service or WebAdvisor.

Grades are recorded on transcripts at the end of each academic term. Normally transcripts are mailed as soon as possible after a request is received, though current students may request that transcript requests be held until grades for the current term are recorded. No transcript will be provided for students with overdue accounts or other holds at the University.

Office hours: Outside of our normal weekday operating hours, the Office of the University Registrar is closed for Memorial Day at the end of May; at least one day around July 4; from 12 noon the day before Thanksgiving until 8:30 a.m. Monday following the holiday; for a week at the end of December; and for New Year's Day. Please allow for delivery delays during those times. During the posting of end-of-term grades, no official transcripts for current students will be created once the grading window has opened until all grades for all students have been submitted, in order to avoid sending partial grade information.

For expedited delivery, sign up for an individual account number with FedEx and then give us that account number. We cannot accept your credit-card information in payment.

Protect your critical personal-identity information: do NOT send your social security number via e-mail. You may fax such information to us safely at 1.540.458.8045.