Intro to Self-Service and External Credit

Intro to Self-Service and External Credit

Once again—welcome to W&L. This is the second in a series of messages to help you get ready for the fall term.

Self-Service is the secure W&L website for accessing your record and taking care of various online tasks. Log in with your W&L network username (lower-case) and password (case-sensitive) and explore this resource.

In Self-Service, you can already see any credit awarded for your AP or IB scores that have been received by our office.  If you have additional external credit in the form of college work completed while in high school or taken this summer, you should already be applying for W&L credit.  See the instructions below so you have this credit in time for fall registration.

Transfer Credit (including dual enrollment)
On the GHQ (, see the form for requesting transfer credit for other university-level work you have completed. The application requires lots of information—a college transcript, syllabus, teacher details, etc.— which during the summer, can be difficult. Start now, if you have not already done so, to get the First-Year Student Credit Transfer form and supporting documents submitted. If we receive the information by August 15, we will have time to get it evaluated before fall registration (during Orientation Week).

AP and IB work in Self-Service
In Self-Service, you can see any credit awarded for College Board AP and International Baccalaureate (IB) based on the faculty policies at at and All credit received by W&L has been posted in the Timeline (scroll to the left) and your My Progress screens.  The scores posted are those resulting in credit or a prerequisite. If you do not see credits, but you believe you have scores high enough, send official results. Contact the appropriate testing authority to request official scores be sent to us. See information on the AP and IB pages for respective contact information. International students can see details about submitting A-Level examination results at

Self-Service Test Summary
Results of your AP or IB test results that have earned you W&L credit or prerequisites courses are posted here. Later this summer, W&L placement test results will also be posted here, along with standardized test scores (ACT, SAT, TOEFL) when released by the Admissions Office.      

Self-Service Academic Course History
A PDF of all W&L credit, with grades and external credit awarded, along with your cumulative GPA and total credits completed is available. At this time, you can see AP, IB, and transfer credit; eventually your complete academic record including grades and GPA will appear.            

External Credit Deadlines
August 15, 2019: Your external credit official paperwork must be submitted to the University Registrar’s office by this date or earlier for us to have time to evaluate and process it prior to your class registration.

December 6, 2019: This is the last day to receive credit for coursework done before entering W&L. All paperwork including official transcripts, related to AP, IB, transfer credit, and other work for new students must be in the University Registrar’s office no later than the last day of fall-term classes.
Related Policies
Upon entry to W&L, no more than 30 credits is awarded from all non-W&L sources. And you can’t count more than 60 credits toward degree requirements which were earned outside of W&L. See the Curricular Advice for New Students
Cookies Required!
Self-Service requires session cookies, so enable cookies in your browser for the domain. For technical help, if you’re unable to access or view your Self-Service account, call the Leyburn Library Information Help Desk at 1.540.458.4357 (HELP), or email

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