W&L Fall course registration timelines, processes, and training

Registration for Fall Term

This is the fourth message from the University Registrar to all new students to help you prepare for the fall.

This one includes information on registering for classes.  First-year registration occurs during Orientation, although it is important for you to prepare now using the info below.

Detailed registration instructions and the timeline are found on the Student Self-Service Planning and Registration Help page.

For this fall, and every term, registration is a three-step process.

  1. Plan courses for this term and future term
  2. Plan sections to take for the fall term
  3. Register for sections when your registration window opens

Review Self-Service links and screens

At this time you can:

  • Add courses of interest to your plan. Begin by searching for classes  in the My Progress view. You must build this list of planned courses, since you will use it to create a schedule and register during “O Week”.
  • From your planned courses build a possible planned schedule from available sections. Place together sections that interest you, like pieces of a puzzle. This is NOT your final schedule but only an initial planned schedule that needs to be in place before your registration window opens.
  • IMPORTANT: Don’t eliminate courses which show zero available seats because most departments save seats for First-Years which will show up after August 30.
  • Use the “Course Offering List” now, at go.wlu.edu/CourseOfferings (no password required), and filter on those with the Course Type AFY (“Appropriate  for First-Years”).

Fall Registration Timeline

Tuesday, September 3

  • Attend required “Prep for Registration” training session.
  • Attend the Academic Fair, then meet with your initial faculty adviser over lunch and into the afternoon to discuss your academic plans.
  • Register for your first course (up to 4 credits) between 3:30 pm and 5:00 pm. The “Pick One” can include any open courses and includes the option of picking a 3-credit lecture paired with an associated 1-credit lab.

Wednesday, September 4

  • Complete your “Pick Three” registration for a full-time load (13-15 credits) at your adviser’s office, at the assigned time. If you need a reminder of the time, it will be posted Tuesday evening in Self-Service. Plan to arrive at your adviser's office no later than 15 minutes before your window opening.
  • Add yourself to waiting lists, if you want, beginning Wednesday around 12 noon.
  • If you do not have a full-time course load of at least 12 credits by 12 noon on Wednesday, you will be expected to meet with an academic dean in the early afternoon to complete your schedule.

Thursday, September 5: Classes begin

Registration Resources for New Students

¨     Catalog:  faculty policies, requirements for degrees, majors and minors, and course descriptions

¨     Foundation and Distribution Requirements (FDRs): the general-education requirements for graduation, usually completed during the first two years

¨     Curricular Advice for New Students: registration recommendations from academic departments

¨      Course Offerings list: sections offered, including meeting times, days, and rooms, instructor, expected course capacities. Click each section’s link for catalog information, prerequisites, and book information. Filter on Type, like AFY (Appropriate for First-Year Students), to narrow the list.

¨     AP/ IB/ W&L Placement Test Results and Registration Recommendations: policies and registration recommendations for W&L placement test results and course equivalencies from AP, IB, A-levels, etc.

¨     Registration Help for Students: Detailed Self-Service instructions including specific information for First-Years, both for Orientation and beyond.

¨     Transfer Credit (including dual enrollment): You should have already gotten to us all forms and official transcripts, syllabi, and other documents. If we don’t have them, you may not be able to register for courses you’d like to take.

Deadlines: Everything we have received will be evaluated before Orientation. If you still haven’t sent us your information, we will get to it as soon as possible. Use the First-Year Student Credit Transfer Request form to request transfer credit for other university-level work you have completed. All paperwork related to AP, IB, transfer credit and other work for new students must be in the University Registrar’s Office no later than the last day of fall-term classes, Friday, December 6, 2019.


Please contact the University Registrar’s office at 540.458.8455 or registrar@wlu.edu .

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