Fall 2019 Registration Calendar (with September registration activities)

Summer Registration, including waitlist offers, continues throughout the summer
Thursday, 8/15 First-year Students: All off-campus study, AP, IB, and other external credit should be received by the University Registrar's office for evaluation in time for fall registration (important to have required prerequisites on student record)
Wednesday, 8/28
12:00 midnight
Waitlist offers end for returning students
(will restart during drop/add)
Thursday, 8/29
12:00 midnight
Returning student registration closed (re-opens during drop/add)
Registration continues for new transfers and exchange students

Tuesday, 9/3
9:00 or 10:00am

First-years attend Intro to Registration

Tuesday, 9/3

First-years attend Academic Fair

Tuesday, 9/3

First-years meet with advisers

Tuesday, 9/3

First-years register for first class (Pick One)

Wednesday, 945

First-years register for full-time load in advisers' offices

Wednesday, 9/4
12:00 noon

First-years can add to waiting lists

Wednesday, 9/4

Returning students' registration re-opens for drop/add
Waitlist offers begin for all students

Thursday, 9/5 Term begins: First day of classes
Free drop/add online through Wednesday, 9/11

Tuesday, 9/10
12:00 midnight

Wait list offers end

Wednesday, 9/11

All paper registration override forms must be turned into University Registrar's office

Wednesday, 9/11
12:00 midnight

Free drop/add online ends.
Pass/fail approval deadline.
Senior degree application deadline

Thursday, 9/12

All late registration changes require:

1. paper drop/add form
2. signatures of instructor(s), adviser, and dean
3. $100 late fee

Thursday, 9/19 Drop with record in effect. Late registration changes require petition to Faculty Executive Committee, and if approved, requires paper registration form with signatures of adviser, instructors, plus $100 late fee
Friday, 12/6 All paperwork related to AP, IB, transfer, summer course work, and previous winter/spring off-campus study must be turned into the University Registrar's office