Current Projects

ACS Blended Learning Program

The principal goal of this project is to provide advanced online and in-person professional development opportunities through workshops, as well as pre- and post-workshop activities, to current and future language educators at ACS institutions. These opportunities will serve as an affordable alternative to costly mega conferences that do not necessarily meet the unique needs of the discerning foreign language educator.


The Foreign Language Teachers Workshop Series (FLTSW) continues its teacher professional development opportunities under the umbrella of the Foreign Language Association of Virginia (FLAVA) and the Virginia Department of Education's Professional Development Framework. Fall 2015 and Winter/Spring 2016 workshops are being scheduled now. Check back for workshop topics, workshop leaders, and dates.

Foreign Language Futures

Funding from the Braitmayer Foundation has made it possible to introduce for-credit Chinese language and culture instruction into the area high schools. The program is being initiated due to the lack of world language resources in the area and is a pilot program to offer area high school students more opportunities for culture awareness.

Languages for Rockbridge

To promote language and culture study at an early age, Washington and Lee has implemented a program whereby students in area elementary and middle schools can enroll in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese not-for-credit classes taught by student volunteers from the University.