The Dean or Vice President will notify the Treasurer's Office of your intent to move to Lexington and the limit of your moving expense.

When preparing for your move, please contact either of the following moving companies to obtain an estimate. They will give you contact information for local affiliates. Be sure to tell them that you are moving to Lexington and will be employed at Washington & Lee University, so the appropriate discounts will be applied.

Armstrong Relocation
Contact: Mark Fitzgerald, Maggie Smith
Lawrence Transportation Systems/United
800-336-9626 (Corporate number) or 540-949-0101 (Direct number)
872 Lee Hwy., Roanoke, VA 24019 
(Corporate office)
Contact: Robin Holcomb or Connie C. Shannon

You may get more than one estimate if you desire. When arranging for the estimates, please inform the movers that trucks over 65 feet in length are prohibited in the City of Lexington. Lexington's streets and area streets are narrow and may involve steep inclines. Prospective movers should consider the possibility that shuttle vans may be required for the final steps of the move and include this possibility in their estimates.

Once you have received the estimate(s) from the mover(s), please forward them to Stephanie Arbanas in the Treasurer's office, either by e-mail ( or fax (540-458-8945). This information will be used to track the competitiveness of the movers. Unless there are significant reasons not to do so the lowest bidder will be the recommended mover and Ms. Arbanas will provide written authorization for direct billing to the University. Using either of these two companies will insure that the University is direct billed for the costs of the move.

If you do not use one of the two companies above, the company you select may not be willing to bill Washington and Lee. The University's policy prohibits us from pre-paying for a move or providing payment on the day of the move. If your selected company will not direct bill the University, you must make arrangements with the company to provide payment to them and to submit your receipts for reimbursement. Generally, the University will issue payment within 10 business days of receipt of the invoice/bill.

The Treasurer's office will notify the moving company that W&L will pay the amount in full UNLESS there is a significant difference between the estimate and the approved allowance. Should the costs exceed the amount approved for your relocation, our payroll department will contact you about recouping the excess amount. This is done by payroll deduction, generally from the first paycheck but should circumstances require, extended arrangements can usually be made. The University will not pay for storage of items. Should storage be required, the University will advise the moving company to bill the University only for the costs of the move and to bill you directly for any storage costs.

Some of the companies will send you an evaluation survey after the move. A completed copy should be forwarded to the treasurer's office and the original should be returned to the moving company as directed.

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact Stephanie Arbanas at 540-458-8121