Program Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

  • London Week: An opportunity sponsored by the Williams School to visit Washington and Lee alumni at their jobs and learn more about specific industries. The marquee event during London Week is an alumni reception.

Internship Opportunities

  • Businesses and Not-for-Profits: A range of options in the finance, marketing, museum, and insurance industries are available. You will be matched based on your interests.

Courses Offered

  • POL 285 Contemporary Britain: Transfers into W&L as a general 200-level politics course. It begins with an examination of the principal institutions and behavior patterns of British politics, including the structure of government and the interaction of voters, parties, and leaders. It also addresses several current or controversial issues which have a marked impact on the political world in Britain, including the Monarchy, the media, nationality, religion, class, and Britain's role in the European Union. Field trips include visits to Parliament and other relevant sites.
  • INTR 453 Internship Class: This course explores cross-cultural differences as well as internship differences. It also introduces the students to a number of different areas in which businesses function through our visits to different firms during the first week of the term. Class meetings, a paper, journaling, blogging, and the final poster should apply your reading to your experiences in London.