Entrepreneurship Summit

The Entrepreneurship Summit is a two-day conference sponsored by the J. Lawrence Connolly Center for Entrepreneurship. It began in 2012 with a program attended by 32 alumni and 48 students. Last year, more than 125 alumni and 250 students registered for the event. The Summit attracts students and faculty from across all disciplines as well as alumni from a variety of industries.

The Summit has grown into what it is today because it is beneficial to participants in many ways. For students, it is an opportunity to hear the real-world experiences of successful entrepreneurs. The interaction between alumni and students has resulted in tangible benefits such as internships, job offers, and lifelong mentoring relationships. For alumni, it is an opportunity to rekindle old friendships and network with fellow alumni.

Visit the Summit website for the event schedule, list of speakers, alumni pitch application, and more!

General questions about the Summit? Contact Jeff Shay at shayj@wlu.edu.