The John Warner Public Service Award

The Warner Public Service Award honors a Washington Term student who will be staying on for the summer to serve in a second political internship, thereby manifesting a serious interest in public affairs and potentially a serious interest in future public service.

2017 Recipients
Skyler T. Zunk '19
Jason R. Renner '19

2016 Recipients
Noelle J. Rutland '17
Faith E. Pinho '18
Rachel C. Gallagher, '18

2015 Recipients
Alexandra N. Kinzer '16
Austin W. Piatt '17
Alexandra J. Seymour '17

2014 Recipients
Brett J. Bauer '15
Jordan T. Kearns '14
Caleb E. Walker '14

2011 Recipients
Samuel G. Campbell '12
Emily K. Harlan '12

2010 Recipients
Patricia I. King '12
Summer N. Lollie '11