Previous W&L/VMI Seminars

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 14 Chris Curfman '17, Federal Reserve Board of Governors "The effects of liquidity regulations: Evidence from an idle monetary policy tool"

Winter 2018

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 19 Steve Smith, Fractal Industries "Climate change and the re/insurance industry"
Jan. 26 Tamara Gurevich and Peter Herman, U.S. International Trade Commission
Feb. 16 Art Goldsmith, W&L "Women's Empowerment in Pakistan"
Feb. 28 Stefan Voigt, University of Hamburg "Risk-taking, Trust and Traumatization among Syrian Refugees in Jordan: A Lab-in-the-Field Experiment"
Mar. 9 Ravi Radhakrishnan, Centre College

Mar. 23 Maia Linask, University of Richmond

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 15 John Grigsby, University of Chicago "The Rise of American Ingenuity: Innovation and Inventors of the Golden Age"
Sept. 18 John Bovay, University of Connecticut "GMO Food Labels in the United States: Economic Implications of the New Law"
Sept. 29 Mark Rush, W&L
Nov. 3 Nuno Garoupa, Texas A&M
Nov. 10 Chris Handy and Katie Shester, W&L
Dec. 1 Laurel Beth Wheeler, Duke

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title
May 5 David Ribar, University of Melbourne "Demand for Sons or Demanding Daughters"

Winter 2017

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 13 Mike Smitka, W&L Disrupters in the Auto Industry: Tesla, Uber, Google?
Mar. 9 Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Northwestern University
Mar. 24 Shakun Mago, University of Richmond Best of Five Contests: Can Women Endure?
Mar. 31 Kate LeMasters, University of North Carolina
Apr. 7 David Toomey, W&L "Your True Nature Calling": Identifying Within-Subject Correlations and Behavioral Typologies from Experimental Games

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 9 Frank Stephenson, Berry College Using Hotel Occupancy Data to Analyze the Effects of Mega Events
Sept. 19 Cary Deck, University of Arkansas
Sept. 30 Jim Casey, W&L Trip Attribute Importance and Willingness to Pay for Marine Conservation: An Exploratory Study of Potential US Visitors to Cuba
Oct. 21 Shikha Silwal, W&L Courts in a Resource-Starved Developing Economy: Case Disposition and the Quantity-Quality Tradeoff in Post-Conflict Nepal
Oct. 28 Iyabo Obasanjo, VMI Will having high percentage of women in parliaments accelerate development in Sub-Saharan African countries?
Nov. 4 Bing Jiang, VMI Prosocial Preferences and Institutions
Nov. 11 Leora Friedberg, University of Virginia The Impact of Taxation on Charitable Giving by Itemizers and Non-Itemizers
Dec. 2 Patrick Fleming, Franklin & Marshall College Behavioral Response to Agricultural Cost Sharing and Water Quality in the Chesapeake Bay
Dec. 12 Rebecca Taylor, UC Berkeley Giving Plastic Bags the Sack: The Hidden Costs of Changing Behavior

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
April 8 Andrew Yuengert, Pepperdine University
April 28 Thomas Klier, Federal Reserve Board, Chicago Economic Geography in the New Auto Industry
May 6 Sara Muehlenbein, University of Texas - Dallas The Efficacy of Attending Competitive Magnet Schools: Evidence from a Large Urban School District in the Southwest
May 20 Stefan Buehler, University of St. Gallen

Winter 2016

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 29 Caitlin Slattery, University of Virginia High-skilled Immigration and the University: Has H-1B visa policy increased industry dependence on university resources?
March 3 Robert Frank, Cornell University, Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management Passion Within Reason: Human Emotions and Social Interactions
March 4 Jurgen Brauer, Georgia Regents University Economic Aspects of Genocides, Other Mass Atrocities, and Their Prevention
March 11 Nicolaas Rupke, Department of History, Washington and Lee University Darwin & Company: Evolutionary Theory and Political Economy
March 15 Catherine Eckel, Texas A&M University Gender and Financial Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets
March 18 Bill Johnson, University of Virginia Does Health Insurer Competition Increase the Prevalence of Costly Treatments?
March 22 Matt Freedman, Drexel University Persistence in Industrial Policy Impacts: Evidence from Depression-Era Mississippi
April 1 Daniel Berkowitz, University of Pittsburgh De-Politicization and Corporate Transformation

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 3 Amanda Bayer, Swarthmore College Diversifying Economic Quality
Sept. 11 James Lake, Southern Methodist University Good jobs, bad jobs: what's trade got to do with it?
Sept. 18 Tim Diette, W&L A Longitudinal Analysis of Violence and Housing Insecurity
Oct. 9 Michael Anderson & Martin Davies, W&L Firm Heterogeneity and Export Pricing in India
Oct. 16 Andrzej Baniak, Central European University Private Enforcement, Corruption, and Antitrust Design
Oct. 23 Katie Shester, W&L Residential Segregation and Infant Health
Oct. 30 Bob Feinberg, American University An Experimental Test of Tradeoffs between Discount Rates and Number of Firms in Supporting Collusion
Nov. 13 Ken Elzinga, University of Virginia Reflections from a Life Spent in Teaching
Nov. 17 Thomas Ulen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Law and Happiness
Dec. 4 Melinda Miller, U.S. Naval Academy Selection and Historical Height Data: Evidence from the 1892 Boas Sample of the Cherokee Nation

Winter 2015

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 14 Esteban Petruzzello, Northwestern University Measuring the Effect of Policy on the Demand for Menthol Cigarettes: Evidence from Household Level Purchases
Jan. 19 Edward Kosack, U of Colorado, Boulder Mexican Migration to the United States, 1920 to 1965: Guest Workers, Selection and Economics Development in Mexico
Jan. 23 Molly Sherlock, Congressional Research Service An Evaluation of Tax Credits for Residential Energy Efficiency
Jan. 26 Chris Handy, W&L Assortive Mating and Intergenerational Persistence of Schooling and Earnings
April 3 Joshua Teitelbaum, Georgetown University Unlucky or Risky? Unobserved Heterogeneity and Experience Rating in Insurance Markets
April 15 Ritwik Banerjee, Aarhus University Corruption, Norm Violation and Decay in Social Capital

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 12 Mike Smitka, W&L Suppliers and Innovation in the Automotive Industry: Evidence from the PACE Competition
Sept. 26 Chris Handy, W&L Assortative Mating and Intergenerational Persistence of Schooling and Earnings
Oct. 10 Atin Basu, Tinni Sen, Turk McCleskey, VMI When Good Little Debts Went Bad: An Empirical Study of Small Claims Litigation on the Virginia Frontier, 1745-1755
Nov. 7 Barkley Rosser, James Madison University A Minsky-Kindleberger Perspective on the Financial Crisis
Nov. 10 Eric Rosengren, Boston Federal Reserve Remarks on Current Economic Conditions
Dec. 5 Lewis Davis, Union College Culture and the Regulation of Entry
Dec. 12 Gregory Lilly, Elon University Exploring a Behavioral Model of College Major Choice

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title
April 9 Nayana Bose, Vanderbilt University Raising Consumption through India's National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
April 29 Sofie Brodersen, Aarhus University Evaluating a Danish Welfare-to-work Experiment: Long-term Outcomes

Winter 2014

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 17 Sam Allen, VMI and Katie Shester, W&L Public Housing and Family Structure, 1950-1970
Jan. 24 Bruce Summers, formerly Chicago Fed Public Policy Research on Money, Banking, Non-Banks, and Payments
Jan. 28 Fernando Ferrari Filho, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Keynesian Revolution
Jan. 30 Fernando Ferrari Filho, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul Challenges and Perspectives of the Brazilian Economy in a Context of a Presidential Election: 2014 and Beyond
Jan. 31 Bradley Hardy, American University The Changing Safety Net for Low Income Parents and Their Children: Structural or Cyclical Changes in Income Support Policy?
Feb. 6 John Whitehead, Appalachian State University The Contingent Valuation Methodology Debate: Round Two
Feb. 7 Thomas Stratmann, George Mason University All the King's Men: Fractionation in Indian Country
Feb. 14 Nhan Le, W&L Reallocation and Aggregate Productivity: Manufacturing Sector in Vietnam
Feb. 25 David Ribar, University of North Carolina-Greensboro Public Policy Responses to Child Hunger
Feb. 28 Prakarsh Singh, Amherst College Using Performance Incentives to tackle Malnutrition: Evidence from Two Field Experiments in India
March 14 Dominic Parker, University of Wisconsin-Madison The Economic Aftermath of Resource Booms: Evidence from Boomtowns in the American West
March 21 Colin Elliott, W&L Stimulus, Status and the Roman Financial Crisis of A.D. 33
March 28 Frank Garmon, University of Virginia Taxation, Insolvency, and Wealth after the American Revolution, 1783-1815
March 31 Reagan Baughman, University of New Hampshire Employment of Direct Care Workers: The Role of Macroeconomic Conditions

Fall 2013

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 12 Laura Razzolini, Virginia Commonwealth University The Paradox of Misaligned Profiling: Theory and Experimental Evidence
Sept. 20 Jim Casey, W&L
Sept. 27 Mike Smitka, W&L The Automotive Bankruptcies in Retrospect
Oct. 4 Shu Yu, University of Groningen Political Leader Survival does competence matter?
Oct. 18 Caleb Stroup, Grinnell College Entry and Competition in Takeover Auctions
Oct. 25 Kish Vinayagamoorthy, W&L Outsourcing Corporate Accountability
Nov. 1 Jim Kahn, W&L Perverse Incentives in Fishery Management: The Case of the Defeso in the Brazilian Amazon
Nov. 8 Katarina Zajc, University of Ljubljana
Nov. 15 Randall Akee, University of California Los Angeles Constitutions and Economic Development -Evidence from the American Indian Nations

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Title
May 3 Dennis Caplan, State University of New York-Albany Motivations and Economic Determinants of the Accounting Choice for Share Repurchases in Delaware-Incorporated Firms
May 10 Peter Grajzl, W&L Products Liability when Firms Share a Collective Reputation
May 17 Shikha Silwal, W&L Exposure to Violence and Student Performance

Winter 2013

Date Speaker Title
Feb. 8 Edward Nik-Khah, Roanoke College The (economic) Origins of Pharmaceutical Ignorance
March 1 Tiffany Green, Virginia Commonwealth University The Impact of Workplace Smoking Bans on Infant Health
March 22 David Frisvold, Emory University Nutrition and Cognitive Achievement: An Evaluation of the School Breakfast Program
March 27 Nabanita Datta Gupta, Aarhus University Can the Scandinavian Welfare State Model Reconcile Equality and Achievement? Gender Gaps, Parental Leave and Child Care in Denmark
March 29 Nabanita Datta Gupta, Aarhus University The Effect of Education and Occupation on Temporary and Permanent Work Incapacity
April 5 Nicholas Sanders, William & Mary Under the Cover of Darkness: Using Daylight Saving Time to Measure How Ambient Light Influences Criminal Behavior

Fall 2012

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 28 Jim Kahn, W&L A False Shade of Green: The Case of Hydropower in the Brazilian Amazon
Oct. 19 Atanu Rakshit, W&L Non-Linearity in Deficit-Interest Relationship: A Threshold Analysis (November 2012)
Nov. 2 Patrick Asuming, Columbia University Getting the Poor to Enroll in Health Insurance, and its Effects on Their Health: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Nov. 30 Martin Davies, W&L The Call Option Dimension of the Leverage Cycle

Spring 2012

Date Speaker Title
May 10 Peter Grajzl, W&L Equilibrium and Welfare in a Model of Torts with Industry Reputation Effects
May 17 Megha Mukim, US International Trade Commission and Columbia University Does Exporting Increase Productivity? Evidence from India

Winter 2012

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 13 Michael Reksulak, Georgia Southern University and NSF Logrolling on a Large Scale
Jan. 20 Tim Diette and Art Goldsmith, W&L Early Life Trauma Exposures and Emerging Adult Emotional Well-Being
Feb. 6 Rodney Andrews, University of Texas-Dallas The Returns to Attending Different Colleges
March 2 Peter Murrell, University of Maryland Two Decades of Transition: A Personal View
March 16 Sheryl Ball, Virginia Tech University Who Pays Taxes and Why: An Experimental Study
March 30 Katie Shester, W&L The Local Economic Effects of Public Housing

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 16 Joseph Guse, W&L Trust, Perceptions of Corruption, and Demand for Regulation: Evidence from Post-Socialist Countries
Sept. 23 Afshad Irani, W&L Restatements: Do They Affect Auditor Reputation for Quality?
Sept. 30 Tim Diette, W&L Race, Mental Health, and Long-Term Unemployment
Oct. 7 Sara Helms, Samford University Choosing to Give More: Experimental Evidence on Restricted Gifts and Charitable Behavior
Oct. 21 Atin Basu, Jennifer Gerow, and Tinni Sen, VMI Will Some Employees Always Reject New Technology? The Evolutionary Stability of Shirking
Dec. 2 Bryan McCannon, St. Bonaventure University The Effect of the Election of Prosecutors on Criminal Trials
Dec. 9 John Dalton, Wake Forest University Explaining the Growth in Manufacturing Trade

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Title
April 28 Mike Smitka, W&L The Economic Impact of the March 11 Tohoku Earthquake: Why Back-of-the-Envelope Calculations Fail
May 5 Ravi Radhakrishnan Trade and Growth in a Model of Allocative Inefficiency
May 12 Jim Casey & Michael Anderson, W&L Pricing the Priceless: Economic Valuation of Coastal and Marine Resources in Barbados and Mexico
Prospects for new research: firm level data on Chinese and Indian exporters
May 19 Hugo Blunch, W&L The Financial Crisis, Labor Market Transitions and Earnings: A Gendered Panel Data Analysis for Serbia

Winter 2011

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 11 Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl Court Output, Judicial Staffing, and the Demand for Court Services: Evidence from Slovenian Courts of First Instance
Jan. 20 Shari Eli, UC Berkeley Wealth is Health: Pensions and Disease Onset in the Gilded Age
Jan. 21 Kara Mitchell, University of Tennessee Gambling for Good: Evidence from the Tennessee Education Lottery
Jan. 25 Shikha Basnet, University of Pittsburgh The War Disease: A Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Political Violence
Jan. 27 Katharine Shester, Vanderbilt University The Local Economic Effects of Public Housing in the United States, 1940-1970
Jan. 28 Ashley Hodgson, UC Berkeley Does Medicare's DRG System Discourage Investment in Therapeutic Technology for Illnesses Common among the Elderly
Feb. 18 Tim Diette & Art Goldsmith, W&L Facing Sexual Assault as a Youth: Are There Educational Scars?
March 10 David Figlio, Northwestern University Competitive Effects of Means-tested School Voucher
March 11 David Bevan, Oxford University Fiscal Policy Design, with Particular Reference to Developing Countries
March 18 Peter Grajzl, W&L Information Sharing and the Volume of Private Credit in Transition: Evidence from Ukrainian Bank-Level Panel Data
March 25 Jeanette Barbieri, Hollins University Disastrous Documentaries: Chinese Indie Takes on the State Response to the Wechuan Earthquake
April 1 David Bevan, Oxford University More on the Limits to Redistribution
April 6 David Bevan, Oxford University Accounting for the Future
April 8 Martin Davies,W&L Component Offshoring in the H-O-S Model: a general equilibrium approach

Fall 2010

Date Speaker Title
Oct. 1 Martin Davies, W&L Technology Transfer and North-South Trade
Oct. 7 George Kester, W&L A U.S. Stock Market Prediction Model that Beats the S&P 500 Index
Oct. 21 Martin Davies, W&L Offshoring with Non-homothetic Preferences
Oct. 24 Mike Smika, W&L Can Kan?
Oct. 28 Ayse Zarakol Rethinking the Role of Class and Religion in Democratization
Nov. 5 Charles Thomas, Clemson University Equilibrium Behavior in a Model of Multilateral Negotiations
Nov. 18 Claus Pörtner, University of Washington Sex Selective Abortions, Fertility and Birth Spacing

Spring 2010

Date Speaker Title
April 29 Martin Davies & Joseph Guse, W&L A Simple Model of Offshoring with Transport, and Communication and Coordination Costs
Cheap Threats: (preliminary) experimental evidence on the effect of cheap talk in a peer-punishment game
May 6 Greg Holyk Robin Hood or Robber Baron? Economic Inequality and Federal Spending Patterns in the U.S.
May 13 Peter Grajzl & Alan Macro, W&L Imposing Conformity in Social Groups with Conformist Members
May 18 Michael Anderson, Art Goldsmith, Tim Diette, W&L Price Dispersion and Ethnic Networks
Segregated Schools, Mixed Race Schools and Life Outcomes for African Americans: Did W.E.B. DuBois Have it Right?

Winter 2010

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 22 Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl Political Trust and the Historical Legacy: The Effect of Varieties of Socialism
Jan. 29 Atin Basu, VMI Civilization and the Evolution of Patience - Is Civilization Inevitable?
Feb. 5 Peter Grajzl, W&L Interjurisdictional Linkages and the Scope for Institutional Harmonization
Feb. 19 Tim Diette, W&L A New Perspective on the High School Dropout Puzzle: Early Life Trauma Exposure
March 12 Martin Davies, W&L Offshoring with Non-homothetic Preferences
April 1 Bill Dudley, New York Federal Reserve Remarks on Current Economic Conditions

Fall 2009

Date Speaker Title
Oct. 9 Joseph Guse, W&L Zombies, Dead Horses, and Dirty Judges...
Oct. 23 Martin Davies, W&L Costly Technology Transfer in a Ricardian World
Nov. 6 Peter Grajzl, W&L A Property Rights Approach to Legislative Delegation
Nov. 9 Richard Freeman, Harvard University Profit Sharing on the Part of Firms and the Behavioral Response of Workers
Nov. 13 Niels-Hugo Blunch, W&L Stairway to Heaven? Religion and Human Capital in Ghana
Nov. 18 Martin Davies, W&L Teaching Economics with the Tutorial Method
Nov. 20 Michael Anderson, W&L Networks and Price Arbitrage
Dec. 4 Giandomenico Sarolli Can You Fire Your Broker? Asset Trading and Incomplete Markets