Elizabeth B. Garrett Scholarship in Economics

The Elizabeth B. Garrett Scholarships were founded on a bequest made by Mrs. Elizabeth B. White in 1918. This fund provides for five of the department scholarships, namely one each in the following departments: Economics, English, French, History, and Politics.

2017 Recipients
Nicholas K. George '18
Mary E. Silliman '18
Clyde F. Bowie '18

2016 Recipients
George B. Park '17
Gerrit A. Van Someren '17
Kathryn M. Pettit '17

2015 Recipients
John D. Masterson '16
Mary Louisa N. Miller '16

2014 Recipients
Ann H. Beasley '15
Mary L. Gabe '15

2013 Recipients
Shaun K. Devlin '14
Cindy Rivas Murcia '14

2012 Recipient
Ali M. Hamed '13

2011 Recipient
Ian R. Sturdy '12

2010 Recipient
Chengpeng Mou '11