2019 Internship Program Students

Danesh Badlani ’22, Let's Home

Danesh, a rising sophomore from Karachi, Pakistan will be interning at Let's Home in Karachi this summer. Let's Home is a revolutionary startup that is capitalizing on the very promising tourism industry of Pakistan, especially focused in Northern Areas of the country. The company offers customized accommodation to tourists by connecting them with local residents to provide a very pleasant and cultural experience. Badlani, a computer science and business administration major will work with Let's Home team to devise strategies for growth aspect of the startup by experimenting additional features on the platform to improve the overall customer experience.

Garrett Clinton ’20, Makena Capital Management

Garrett, a rising senior from Phoenix, Arizona will be interning at Makena Capital Management in Palo Alto, CA this summer. Makena Capital Management is a global, multi-asset class investment manager that provides a range of pooled investment vehicles with the objective of long-term, risk-adjusted capital appreciation. The firm also manages a large portion of Washington and Lee's endowment fund. As a political science major, Clinton will use this opportunity to work with the Makena Capital team to gain a better understanding of the asset management world as he transitions into the finance sector. He looks forward to gaining further insight on investment and allocation strategies from within the high performing manager.

Rohan Jairam ’21, Johnson Development Associates

Rohan is a rising junior from Salt Lake City, Utah who is majoring in accounting and economics. He will be interning at Johnson Development Associates (JDA) in South Carolina this summer. JDA is a real estate development arm of the Johnson Group of companies specialized in developing self-storage, industrial, and multifamily properties. What lends the Johnson Group its entrepreneurial culture is its focus on intrapreneurship, identifying and pursuing business opportunities from within the organization. As an operations intern in the self-storage division, Rohan will be optimizing the performance of storage assets by analyzing market specific competition, keeping tabs on new supply, and presenting findings to the Operations team. He will also analyze large sets of data to track opportunities in the self-storage sector. 

Joseph Jast '20, Leaf and Grain

Joseph is a rising senior from Ogema, Wisconsin, who is excited to be interning at Leaf & Grain in Houston this summer. The vision and creation of Deets Hoffman ’10 in 2016, Leaf & Grain is a start-up, fast-casual restaurant that sells salads and other health foods. Along with fellow intern Bridget Washington, Joseph will be working on a number of various projects as the company continues to manage its successful growth. The work will likely center around collecting data, conducting research, and completing any other relevant assessments. Joseph is an accounting major, and having worked at an exciting cryptocurrency startup last summer, he is eager to be back in a similar environment and to learn about the intricacies of a start-up from the ground level.

Jimmie Johnson III '20, Arena Football League

Jimmie, a rising senior from Hoover, Alabama will be interning with the Arena Football League in Philadelphia this summer. The AFL, founded in 1987 is the 3rd longest-running American football organization in North America. The league consists of six teams that play fast-paced, high scoring football in a quest to become the league champions. Games are played in indoor arenas with slight variations to the traditional game of football. Johnson, a journalism major, will work with the communications office of the league with responsibilities ranging from writing feature articles to creating multimedia videos. He looks forward to strengthening his internal and external communication skills in addition to gaining a holistic understanding of how a sports organization operates.

Griffin Noe ’21, DealCloud Inc.

Griffin, a rising junior from Cincinnati, Ohio will be interning at DealCloud in Charlotte, North Carolina this summer. DealCloud Inc., founded in 2010, is a financial technology company that offers deal management and business development software to investment banks and private equity firms. DealCloud was acquired in 2018 by the Silicon Valley Professional Services software firm, Intapp. Griffin, a computer science and business administration double-major will work as a data and business operations Intern. He looks forward to learning more about the industry of financial technology while creating novel technical solutions that offer valuable insight to customers.

Haochen Tu ’22, Lions Assurance Financial

Haochen, a rising sophomore from Suzhou, China, will be interning at Lions Assurance Financial in New York this summer. Lions Assurance Financial is an independent financial service & business advisory firm mostly offering service to entrepreneurially-run and privately-held business. It collaborated with its clients closely to better orchestrate wealth management solutions on a holistic basis. Tu, a business administration major will work as an investment risk analysis intern to support the team by working on assignments such as financial/investment analysis, implementing predictive modeling and statistical analysis methods, assessing credit, liquidity and so on. She looks forward to learning about the financial industry and being part of the firm's entrepreneurial approach to business.

Bridget Washington ’21, Leaf & Grain

Bridget, a rising junior from Canton, Ohio, will be interning at Leaf & Grain in Houston, Texas this summer. Leaf & Grain is a fast-casual restaurant that provides salad and grain bowls derived from whole ingredients that offer a healthy alternative without sacrificing a delicious flavor. The company was founded by Deets Hoffman '10 after working for several years at both Boston Consulting Group and Advent International in private equity. He is currently in the process of opening a second location, hoping to eventually turn Leaf & Grain into a national chain. Bridget, a business administration major, will be a summer analyst at Leaf & Grain. The internship will be structured in a similar fashion to a Big 3 consulting engagement. As a summer analyst, Bridget will conduct rigorous analysis, give regular readouts, and receive periodic performance-based feedback. With the new location opening in September, Bridget will play a pivotal role and will be able to see the results of her work in real time.