2018 Internship Program Students

Mourad Berrached '20, NomadX

Mourad Berrached, a rising Junior from Houston, Texas will be interning this summer with NomadX in Lisbon Portugal. NomadX is tech startup founded by two Washington and Lee Students, Steven Allen and Graham Novak. NomadX seeks to empower remote-capable workers to travel the world easily, seamlessly, and inexpensively while providing career-changing professional development. Mourad, a business administration major with a minor in Middle East studies, will work as a strategic marketing analyst to market their services to corporate clients, improve their social media brand, and help NomadX develop their programs based on customer feedback. Mourad is excited to get the opportunity to not only work in an exotic country he's never explored before, but also to learn what it's like to work in the startup field.

Logan Brand '20, Energy Research Centre

Logan Brand, a rising junior from Roanoke, Virginia will be interning at the Energy Research Centre in Cape Town, South Africa this summer. The Energy Research Centre has collected 20 years worth of South African residential energy consumption data and has developed a prototype software that allows researchers to search, filter and download extracts of the energy consumption dataset. Logan, a computer science major, will primarily be tasked with turning this prototype into a complete product in the form of an online tool. He will be working alongside a professional data scientist and looks forward to expanding his software development skills while getting a unique international experience.

Emily Hershgordon '20, Leaf & Grain

Emily Hershgordon, a rising junior from Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, will be interning at Leaf & Grain in Houston, Texas this summer. Leaf & Grain is a fast-casual dining start-up founded by Deets Hoffman '10, who chose to pursue this entrepreneurial venture two years ago after working for Boston Consulting Group and in private equity. The company strives to provide customers with exciting food selections that are both healthy and tasty. Hershgordon, a strategic communication and psychology double major, will work as a summer analyst to develop a marketing strategy focused on event-driven and grassroots marketing. Her goal is to help unify branding across platforms in order to enhance company identity and increase traffic and revenue. She looks forward to immersing herself in the Houston community so that she can understand the diverse clientele first-hand, apply psychological principles, and develop new, innovative ways to reach customers.

Rohan Jairam'21, Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel

Rohan Jairam, a rising sophomore from Salt Lake City, Utah, interned at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya through the Israel Summer Business Academy. The Interdisciplinary Center's Zell Program is an early-stage incubator for start-ups and has provided professional support for many successful companies such as Argus Cybersecurity and Wibbitz. As an accounting and computer science double major, Rohan was able to work on real start-ups with local Israeli people; his primary role was working on a sports psychology company that uses a machine learning algorithm to monitor and provide recommendations on athletes' emotional states. He was able to learn about the sports industry and about the continually experimental process of forming a company. Rohan also had external experiential opportunities, such as visiting innovative companies like Carats.io (the diamond blockchain company) and Wix (the website creation platform), interviewing a prominent Israeli venture capitalist, and learning about politics from the granddaughter of former Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

Joseph Jast '20, Uncas LLC

Joseph Jast, a rising junior from Ogema, Wisconsin is thrilled to be interning with Uncas LLC in Nashville this summer. Established in 2015, Uncas primarily serves as the R&D arm of a private holding company called Bitcoin Development Group. In addition to this, Uncas performs bespoke consulting services for bitcoin businesses, develops and tests proprietary trading strategies for digital assets, and conducts online retail operations that directly relate to cryptocurrencies. Jast, a business administration major, will be involved with data analytics, marketing, bookkeeping, and other courier work. He is excited to not only be working in this proprietary field, but also eager to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship at the ground level.

Lawson Penney '19, Ipreo Financial Services

Lawson Penney, a rising senior from Short Hills, New Jersey will be interning at Ipreo Financial Services in New York this summer. Ipreo provides software, data and analytics to investment banks and other financial institutions. They focus on providing platforms to firms that allow them to calculate enterprise value, provide solutions in capital markets, including the ability to track initial equity and debt offerings, market intelligence and investor relation communication. Penney, an Economics major will work in either the stock surveillance or market intelligence groups. These groups advise publicly traded clients and mainly by aiding clients with their IR efforts. He looks forward to learning more about this growing industry and how Ipreo can positively disrupt the financial markets.

Trey Lewis '20, Leaf & Grain

Trey Lewis, a rising junior from Houston, Texas will be interning at Leaf & Grain this summer. Leaf & Grain was started by a Washington and Lee alumnus, Deets Hoffman, as a fast casual lunch restaurant in Houston. The restaurant's goal is to provide lunch-breakers with a wide variety of very healthy foods without compromising flavor or heartiness. Hoffman initially worked at Boston Consulting Group before deciding to pursue this goal of a healthy lunch restaurant. Lewis, a business administration major, will work in an internal consulting position for Leaf & Grain to analyze consumer preferences, streamline productivity and profitability, and work to expand marketing procedures. He looks forward to learning and applying knowledge in multiple fields such as finance, accounting, and marketing.

Claire McCutcheon '19, Loomstate

Claire McCutcheon, a rising senior from Lewisburg, West Virginia will be interning at Loomstate in New York City for the summer of 2018. Loomstate is an apparel company committed to sustainable supply chains from start to finish. With production teams based in India, Loomstate employs small and marginal landholders to grow their organic, fair trade cotton which is used to produce high-quality uniforms for large corporations like Chipotle and Whole Foods. Loomstate believes that providing reliable wages allows workers to confidently invest in their communities, which helps spread health, education, and food security. McCutcheon, an economics major minoring in creative writing, has been working with another ethical fashion company, Aid Through Trade, for the past year, and looks forward to learning more about the industry she is passionate about. While at Loomstate, McCutcheon will be assisting with the management of the Sales, Sustainability, and Marketing Division, in which her tasks will be evenly weighted between administrative, sales, merchandising, and communications.

Montgomery Owen '21, Voormi

Montgomery Owen, a rising sophomore from Nashville, TN who attended Montgomery Bell Academy before arriving to Washington and Lee to continue his academic and football career, will be interning with an outdoor apparel company called Voormi based out of southwest Colorado in Pagosa Springs. Although he has not officially declared his major, he plans on studying business administration as well as Spanish. This innovative brand produces high-performance gear from natural based fibers with the mission to change the wool industry and "Return to RealTM". Voormi works to combine merino wool with synthetic fibers to produce gear suitable for the tough way of life of the adventurous outdoors person. As a part of the Voormi team, Montgomery will be working in various areas including marketing, retail, and finance of the company to broadly learn what goes into running a business. More specifically, he will be collaborating with several marketing agencies that work with Voormi to help generate more brand exposure. In like manner, he will participate in events to promote the company via social media. For example, Voormi recently worked with over 300 raft guides in the Grand Canyon to help test their gear and obtain media exposure. Lastly, Montgomery will learn to analyze the field to understand the market and to better comprehend how to stay ahead of competitors.

Marta Regn '19, ABLE

Marta Regn, a rising junior from Charlottesville, Virginia will be a marketing analytics intern at ABLE, an ethical fashion company in Nashville, Tennessee. ABLE's founder was inspired to create the brand after spending time in third-world countries where the majority of clothing is manufactured today. ABLE is committed to solving the problems related to intergenerational poverty by uplifting and empowering women who make up the majority of the garment industry. This internship program provides hands-on experience in the world of social entrepreneurship and ethical business models. Marta's role will include researching and brainstorming content for different media channels that ABLE uses as well as using analytical metrics to track performance on these channels. Marta Is a business administration major and environmental studies minor. She hopes to pursue a career in cause marketing and, one day, own a socially and environmentally responsible business of her own.