Accounting Department

The accounting major at Washington and Lee University builds on the liberal arts course foundation, increasing analytical and communication skills while providing knowledge necessary to work in any number of business areas. Majors take a combination of accounting, economics, and business administration courses which prepares them for a variety of jobs.

The first and second years are spent mainly satisfying the general education requirements necessary to graduate from Washington and Lee University. During that time potential majors should also take introductory economics (Economics 101 and 102), a common Williams School statistics course (Interdepartmental 202), a computer literacy course (Interdepartmental 201), and introductory accounting (Accounting 201 and 202). Economics 101, 102 and Interdepartmental 201 can be taken either year. Students preparing to major in Accounting or Business Administration should plan to take Accounting 201 in the Winter term of their first year if possible. The remaining courses should be taken during the sophomore year. In the sophomore, junior and senior years, majors take a core of five business administration courses and at least six upper-level accounting courses. Students wishing to work in public accounting are required to have 150 hours of college credits to sit for the CPA Examination in most states. To earn these credits, majors may bring in advanced placement credits, attend summer school, and elect to overload. Or, the student may elect to attend graduate school. Any member of the department will be happy to discuss the different options.