Students in Venture Club join one of three groups:

Consulting Group

The Venture Club's Consulting Group consists of students who provide consulting service for start-up companies. Working directly for a startup, students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in their classes to real world businesses and along the way develop valuable consulting skills as well. The entrepreneurial clients receive high quality consulting services aimed at helping their venture (or idea) grow and seize new opportunities.

Projects span one academic term and commence with students and entrepreneurs collaborating to develop a letter of engagement defining the project's scale and scope. During this process students and clients also agree on a timeline identifying key milestones and deliverables. Typically clients are seeking assistance with market, industry, and competitor research and analysis, and writing marketing plans and business plans. Upon completion of the project, each group gives a formal presentation to their client to review their findings and recommendations as a culmination of their work during the term.

Finance Group

The Venture Club's Finance Group consists of students with a demonstrated interest in providing consulting services for organizations that make equity investments in startup ventures, including venture capital firms and angel groups and networks. The group works closely with a venture capital firm on a number of projects. The group will continue this relationship in the future and is also considering similar opportunities in the angel capital world. In addition, this group has been exploring opportunities in the crowdfunding/crowdsourcing space.

Marketing and Communications Group

The Marketing and Communications group recruits members, secures speakers, promotes events, and communicates opportunities for current students interested in entrepreneurship.