Venture Club

The Venture Club was established in 2010 to help students from across campus learn about start-ups in a hands-on environment. During the term, students meet on a weekly basis to listen to guest speakers, plan and promote events such as the Entrepreneurship Summit, and work on consulting projects for start-ups.

The Venture Club recruits students in the fall of each academic year. Once accepted, members join one of three groups within the club-marketing and communications, finance or consulting. The marketing and communications group focuses on promoting Venture Club and its events and programs to the larger university community. The finance group advises organizations, such as venture capital firms and angel investment groups, that make equity investments in start-up ventures. And the consulting group provides consulting services directly to start-up companies.

The Venture Club is committed to fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship on the Washington and Lee University campus. The club is advised by Johnson Professor of Entrepreneurship and Leadership Jeff Shay and Associate Professor of Business Administration Drew Hess.