General Development Initiative

General Development Initiative, Inc. is a microfinance organization created, owned and operated by Washington and Lee students. The club provides small loans, called microloans, to people in developing countries who would like to establish businesses but don't have access to credit.

  • To engage Washington and Lee students in experiential education in social entrepreneurship and international development
  • To foster in all graduates a greater sense of international social obligation, irrespective of their field of study
  • To act as positive ambassadors of the Washington and Lee community by implementing our education in such a way that fosters immediate and sustainable change at home in immigrant communities, as well as abroad in communities located in LDC regions

The General Development Initiative, Inc. ("GenDev, Inc.") operates in two capacities:

  1. Our Microfinance and Impact Investing Fund (MIIF) Team works to enable economic self-empowerment through identifying and capitalizing on blended-value impact-investment opportunities in under-served regions and communities throughout the greater Virginia area, and the world.
  2. Our Development Consulting Team works to help social entrepreneurs and Non-Profit Organizations ("NPOs") in developing their business model and bringing their products to market.

GenDev, Inc. is a licensed Virginia non-profit-corporation that is fully operated by undergraduate student employees. As such, we keep our overhead costs extremely low, focus our energies on optimizing social returns while remaining financially sustainable, and concurrently provide high-achieving students with a platform on which to develop their business acumen, and to demonstrate their passions.