Institutional Citizenship

Community Grants Program

The Community Grants program formalizes W&L's role in supporting regional organizations and activities through an accessible grant-making process.

Sustainability Initiatives

Washington and Lee's motto is Non Incautus Futuri - not unmindful of the future. The University has been preparing students for a life of service as future leaders for over 250 years. Our present goal is to lead the way to a more sustainable future by developing a learning community whose members are mindful of their responsibility to future generations, sensitive to the stewardship of natural resources, and equitable in their social and economic relationships.

Institutional History

Washington and Lee makes a difference by virtue of our own institutional contributions to the world beyond our campus. At this particular moment, we have an opportunity to set a national example for how an educational institution examines, teaches, and presents its history. We will do so honestly and thoughtfully, for the benefit of the present and future members of our community, as well as the citizens of our country.