Double Majors

Although we have eliminated the possibility of earning two DEGREES at W&L, the double MAJOR is still absolutely possible. Our degree requirements are the same: 120 credits, FDR coursework, a major, and elective courses. You can still double major, and you can still have a minor. You can declare up to three programs of study, though the faculty urges you to minimize credential-seeking in order to maximize the exploration permitted by having 36 courses to take at a liberal arts college. The faculty encourages exploration through course taking.

The elimination of the dual degree for first year students does not alter your ability to double major. You can still double major, either with two majors in the College, two majors in the Williams School, or a major in each school. If you have a major that by itself is a component of a BS and a second major that is a component of a BA (or vice versa), you can choose which degree you wish to earn. You simply choose which major to list first, to graduate from either the College with a BA, majoring (for example) in History and Accounting, or from the Williams School with a BS, majoring (for example) in Accounting and History.

You can still double major!

Suzanne Keen
Dean of the College