2016-17 Teacher-Scholar Cohorts

Active Learning in STEM
Mitch Keller

Fostering a community of STEM faculty interested in active pedagogies and W&L.  The goals of Active Learning will be fourfold:  reading literature on active learning in STEM classes; cultivating a culture of discussion of implementation strategies; analyzing implementation attempts to make them work better and fostering deeper understanding of teaching approaches.

Jenny Davies

Arts Management group that supports interdisciplinary faculty research in new audience development for the arts on campus.

Center for Poetic Research - A creative writing cohort
Lesley Wheeler

The CPR cohort would work to devise ways to help the campus community to integrate the literary arts even more fully into students' lives and studies by helping faculty to realize opportunities to bring poetry, pets and poetics into their classrooms.

Digital Humanities Pedagogy
Sara Sprenkle

Pedagogy-focused cohort to encourage integrating DH tools and methodologies into courses.  Workshops, receptions and guest speakers.

Digital Pre-Professional Pedagogy
Mark Coddington

A cohort dedicated to discussing and developing new and innovative ways to incorporate digital technologies into teaching in pre-professional programs.

Italian Studies
Steve McCormick

This cohort aims first and foremost to bring together faculty from across disciplines with a focus on Italy to discuss research trends and share scholarship in Italian politics, history, medieval and renaissance studies, art, music and literature.

Mathematics Research Seminar
Aaron Abrams

This seminar promotes a high-level research oriented dialogue among the mathematics faculty.

MESA (Middle East/South Asia) Working Group  
Tim Lubin                    

Develop a faculty working group dedicated to the development of an interdisciplinary learning community of teacher-scholars and students with interests in the Middle East and South Asia (MESA).

Poverty, Development and Community-Based Learning Cohort
Howard Pickett

Our meetings aim to facilitate: 1) greater understanding of the best work in our cross-disciplinary field from various disciplinary perspectives; 2) greater articulation among various Shepherd curricular and co-curricular offerings; 3) possible collaboration in research and teaching among participants. This cohort also facilitates the development of new, community-based research projects and/or service-learning courses informed by the best practices used in today's community-academic partnerships. Involves law and Commerce School faculty as well as Shepherd Program staff.

Sociology-Anthropology Department Research Workshop
Lynn Chin

Promoting faculty research; reinforcing intradepartmental relationships, communication and understanding; and promoting learning new research and networking with colleagues at other universities.

Claudette Artwick

Facilitate discussion on sustainability and teaching, research, and service among the College and the Williams School.

Writing Pedagogy
Flor Ruiz

Assist an interdepartmental faculty-working group to discuss, share and explore the best writing pedagogical practices to strengthen the teaching of Writing 100 courses and writing across the curriculum.

Twelve applications were funded at an average amount of $2,540.