2014-15 Teacher-Scholar Cohorts

Associate Professor Writing Group
Genelle Gertz

Working together on writing projects, pedagogy and preparing for promotion to full professor.

Creative Writing (beyond English)
Lesley Wheeler

Interdisciplinary discussion of creative writing teaching and curricular issues. This Cohort capitalizes on the presence of creative writers in College departments beyond English

Digital Humanities Pedagogy
Sarah Horowitz

Pedagogy-focused cohort to encourage integrating DH tools and methodologies into courses.

Film Cohort
Edward Adams

Promote publishing and teaching on film. Supplementing the new Film & Visual Culture minor.

Improving STEM Pedagogy for Women and Minorities
Nadia Ayoub

The Women in Math and Science Cohort generates ideas on how to leverage the IQ Center to improve pedagogy and research and to make STEM more relevant and accessible for women and minorities.

Mathematics Research Seminar
Kevin Beanland

In this seminar, mathematics faculty will share with one another the current research they are considering, leading to a deeper understanding of the research and results in different areas of mathematics and also provide the opportunity for the faculty to offer suggestions on the research based on a perspective from a different branch of mathematics.

MESA (Middle East/South Asia) Working Group
Joel Blecher

Develop a faculty working group dedicated to the development of an interdisciplinary learning community of teacher-scholars and students with interests in the Middle East and South Asia (MESA).

Philosophy Planning Group
Nathaniel Goldberg

Planning of the 75th Annual Meeting of the Virginia Philosophical Association at W&L and also the installation of, and initial student induction ceremony into W&L's chapter of Phi Sigma Tau, The National Philosophy Honor Society.

Poverty, Development and Community-Based Research Cohort
Howard Pickett

Monthly cohort gatherings involve mealtime discussions of one or more readings in poverty and development studies, proposed and led by one or more cohort participants. Our meetings facilitate: 1) greater understanding of the best work in our cross-disciplinary field from various disciplinary perspectives; 2) greater articulation among various Shepherd curricular and co-curricular offerings; 3) possible collaboration in research and teaching among participants. This cohort also facilitates the development of new, community-based research projects and/or service-learning courses informed by the best practices used in today's community-academic partnerships. Involves law and Commerce School faculty as well as Shepherd Program staff.

Queering Communities
Wan-Chuan Kao

The cohort supports interdisciplinary faculty research in queer studies, fosters queering pedagogy, and contributes to campus-wide efforts at LGBTQI sensitivity and awareness.

Sociology-Anthropology Department Research Workshop
Lynn Chin

Research workshop organized by the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. This group is an ongoing mini-research conversation amongst our faculty members and selected representatives of cognate social science disciplines.

STEM Writing Watchers
Sarah Blythe

Writing support group for junior faculty members in the STEM disciplines.

Thirteen applications were received; twelve were at least partially funded at an average amount of $1,400.