2013-14 Teacher-Scholar Cohorts

Associate Professor Writing and Pedagogy
Genelle Gertz

Writing projects, pedagogy and preparing for promotion to full professor.

Digital Humanities 101 Workshop
Paul Youngman

Teaching faculty how to implement digital projects in the classroom and making them aware of funding opportunities to support their research.

Imaging Technology
Andrea Lepage

Further our knowledge of new digital technologies as they apply to the humanities and to promote the use of such technologies in W&L classrooms.

Mathematics Research Seminar
Carrie Finch

In this seminar, mathematics faculty will share with one another the current research they are considering, leading to a deeper understanding of the research and results in different areas of mathematics and also provide the opportunity for the faculty to offer suggestions on the research based on a perspective from a different branch of mathematics.

Shakespeare 2016    
Hank Dobin                      

In celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare, the cohort serves the double purpose of organizing an exciting year-long event for the campus and community that will engage and benefit everyone and of developing the scholarly interests and knowledge of a small group of faculty critical to that planning and for whom Shakespeare--as text and performance--is an important facet of their academic lives.

Sociology-Anthropology Department Research Workshop
Lynn Chin

Research workshop organized by the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. This group is an ongoing mini-research conversation amongst our faculty members and selected representatives of cognate social science disciplines.

WIMS: STEM Pedagogy
Sara Sprenkle

To generate ideas on how to leverage the IQ Center to improve our pedagogy and research, in general, and make STEM more relevant and accessible for women and non-majors.

Writing Watchers:  STEM Junior Faculty
Sarah Blythe

Writing support group for junior faculty members in the STEM disciplines.

Total Commitment:                                   $18,947.25
           (average amount funded:       $ 2,368)