Conference Travel

Travel procedures for the 2017-2018 academic year (beginning July 1, 2017)

Updated January 1, 2018

Conference Travel Awards

The College is pleased to support the scholarly endeavors of our faculty, instructors, and post-doctoral fellows. Subject to budgetary limits each fiscal year, awards for conference travel awards will be granted to eligible travelers with the goal of allowing up to two trips per year in order to maximize opportunities for continued professional development and contribution to the academy. In order to ensure the most equitable use of travel funds to benefit all College faculty, the following guidelines have been developed for FY17-18.

Award Amounts (maximum per fiscal year)    

Tenure & Tenure-Track Faculty:                                 $3,800 ($3,000 plus up to $800 in two registration fees)
Year-Long & Full Time Temporary Faculty:                $1,600 ($1,200 plus up to $400 in one registration fee)
Post-Doctoral Fellows:                                               $1,200

Procedure                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          1.      Review College Guidelines for Reimbursable Expenses and related university policies.
2.      Submit Conference Travel Form Request at least one month in advance of travel.
3.      Receive approval email with award details from Associate Dean Meredith McCoy
4.      Submit Disbursement Voucher for all pre-paid expenses to the Office of the Dean of the College.
5.      Submit Travel Expense Voucher for all other trip expenses within one month of travel.

College Guidelines for Reimbursable Expenses
Travelers as expected to manage travel costs as prudently as possible. Please refer to the following policies and procedures prior to completing the Conference Travel Request Form.

Conference Travel Form Request

When completing this form, please provide as much detail as possible. In general, an eligible trip should fall in the $1,200 range (plus registration fee). Exceptions may be made for travel to high cost cities and/or internationally. Registration fees exceeding $800 (or $400 for year-long, full-time temporary faculty) or approval for additional conferences may be permitted to the extent eligible faculty allotments can cover the expenses and if funding is available. Travelers may request funding for a second meeting if presenting a refereed or invited paper; organizing and presiding at a special session of a program; holding a major office in a professional association or society and required to attend its annual meeting; or giving an artistic performance or exhibition.

Disbursement Voucher

Travelers wishing to be reimbursed for pre-paid airfare and/or registration prior to conference travel, should submit a Disbursement Voucher to the Office of the Dean of the College (with appropriate documentation) and indicate on the form that this is a travel advance for authorized travel and list the conference and dates. This travel advance should then be recorded on the Travel Expense Voucher.

Travel Voucher   

Travelers must submit a Travel Expense Voucher for all trip expenses, whether charged to a University credit card, personal credit card or paid by cash or check. Please work with your department administrative assistant to complete the travel voucher. The travel voucher must list every expense associated with the trip; there should be one (1) travel voucher per trip. Once a travel voucher has been processed, no additional expenses for that trip can be submitted for reimbursement.  A spreadsheet may accompany the travel voucher, but cannot replace it.

The travel voucher and all receipts must be submitted to Virginia Garrett for reimbursement within one week of travel completion.  Any travel voucher submitted more than a month after travel completion will be reviewed for funding availability before reimbursement. 

Do not send the receipts to the Dean's Office without a completed travel voucher.