College Mini Grants Funding for course enhancements

The Office of the Dean invites proposals from faculty in the College for mini-grants. Budgetary constraints require a competitive process. No one faculty member will be funded for more than one mini-grant per term. 

 Mini-Grants are for Course Enhancements

Proposals of up to $750 for enhancements to specific departmental or interdepartmental courses to be taught in              will be considered.   Examples of such enhancements include inviting visitors to campus to meet with your class, excursions with students to Washington or Richmond, or purchases of special materials such as gadgets, software, or theater tickets.  The number of proposals your department or program may submit depends on the # of full-time faculty or (for programs) the # of courses offered in the winter. Please budget modestly; the smaller each individual request, the more requests we can grant.  Mini-grants can pay for student meals with a visitor, but not for meals for a group of faculty. All mini-grant expenses must be in accord with Business Office guidelines, for example limiting mileage reimbursement to $.375 per mile.

Use the attached proposal form.  Please answer all the questions. You will see the form asks whether a faculty member has been funded for a mini-grant before. Priority will be given to those who have not previously been funded.  Mini-grants will be competitive.

 1 mini-grant proposal                   Departments with 4-5 FT members and Programs with 1-2 courses

2 mini-grant proposals                 Departments with 6-10 FT members and Programs w/ 3-14 courses

3 mini-grant proposals                 Departments with 11+ FT members and Programs with 15+ courses

 Mini-grant proposals supporting the College’s Strategic Plan may be added to the application pool, beyond these limitations. Chairs should indicate their reasoning in a cover email.

The deadline for chairs’ submission of mini-grant proposals is                   .  Give your proposal to your department or program chair for endorsement by                     .  Please understand that the chairs must operate under constraints in forwarding and ranking proposals: it all works out over time if all faculty take turns.

Please contact Michelle Rothenberger ( or 8737) with any questions.




 DUE TO YOUR DEPT CHAIR BY                  .   Due in the Dean’s Office by                           .

 _________I have never received a mini-grant from the College.

 _________I have received a single mini-grant, in ___________ (term, year).

 _________I have received two or more mini-grants, most recently in _____________.

 _________I am planning an enhancement that contributes to one of the 4 pillars of the College’s Strategic Plan:

                ___________The Future of STEM Pedagogy


                ___________Say AH! For the Arts and Humanities

                ___________Engaged W&L


Department or Program  _____________________________________

 Course Number and Title  _______________________________________________

 Instructor __________________________________________

 Term  _______________________

 Requested Enhancement  _____________________________________________________________________________________

 Rationale  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________






 Attach budget (provide as much detail as possible; actual costs are preferred to estimates)

Instructor Signature



Department or Program Chair Signature