What to Recycle

What can be recycled

Aluminum (should be empty, rinsed out, and not crushed)

  • metal and tin beverage containers
  • metal and tin food containers
  • aluminum foil
  • aluminum take-out containers
  • aluminum pie plates and trays

Glass (should be empty, rinsed out, and caps removed)

  • all colors glass bottles and jars; colors may be mixed together
  • clear glass
  • green glass
  • brown glass
  • blue glass
  • glass food containers
  • beer and wine bottles

Mixed Paper

  • all office paper
  • white paper
  • colored paper
  • newspaper (bags and strings removed)
  • magazines (all types)
  • catalogs (all types)
  • phonebooks (all types)
  • junk mail
  • paperboard (thin cardboard boxes)
  • tissue boxes
  • heavy weight folders
  • paper towel and toilet paper rolls
  • food packaging (unwaxed only please)
  • shredded paper (in plastic bag to minimize blow-away potential)
  • paper milk, juice and soy milk cartons (should be empty)
  • books: all soft cover, hard covers should be ripped off
  • empty paper coffee cups (plastic lids removed)
  • window envelopes, staples, tape and the occasional paperclip are OK.

Plastics (empty, rinsed, and caps removed; caps can be recycled, as well)

  • all plastics numbers 1-7 (NO styrofoam, which is sometimes labeled #5 or #6)
  • food and beverage containers
  • screw top jars
  • deli-style containers
  • clam-shell take-out containers
  • plastic cups (lids and straws removed)
  • milk jugs
  • soap bottles
  • plastic jugs/bottles: soda bottles, laundry detergent jugs

(Plastic shopping and dry cleaning bags, etc "plastic sheeting" are NOT recycled on campus but they may be recycled off campus at WalMart, Kroger, Food Lion or Lowes. Lowes will also take take plant pots, trays and labels.)


Corrugated cardboard has two layers with a ribbed section in between. All packing materials and trash should be removed and the box flattened before recycling. Staples and packing tape are OK.

  • pizza boxes (food and wax paper removed)
  • corrugated cardboard
  • brown paper bags
  • boxboard (i.e. shoeboxes, gift boxes, cereal boxes)

What cannot be recycled

  • wax paper
  • wrapping paper
  • any paper product which has the potential to be contaminated with bodily fluids
  • cardboard lined with plastic (i.e. bubblewrap boxes)
  • waxed/waterproof cardboard
  • light bulbs
  • mirror glass
  • window, auto glass
  • ceramic
  • crystal
  • plastic "baggies"
  • plastic tableware
  • styrofoam containers
  • metal or plastic spiral bound materials