Annual Fund Volunteers

The success of W&L's Annual Fund each year is driven in large part by the work of our volunteers. Class Agents and Reunion Volunteers are able to connect with thousands of classmates, sorority sisters, pledge brothers, teammates, and friends each year. W&L is fortunate to benefit from the energy and passion of this dedicated group of volunteers.

Interested in becoming a Class Agent?

There are many ways you can join our team as a class volunteer! Check out the Annual Fund's volunteer opportunities below. Questions? Please contact the annual giving office at 540-458-8420.

Lead Class Agents

Lead Class Agents are the principal solicitors of gifts for Washington and Lee through the Annual Fund. Lead Agents work directly with Annual Giving staff and are responsible for sending letters to their classmates twice per year, as well as personally contacting at least 30 classmates each year. Lead Agents also head up a team of Associate Agents.

Associate Class Agents

Associate Class Agents assist the Lead Class Agents in soliciting Annual Fund gifts from their classmates. Associate Agents are responsible for contacting between five and ten classmates during the fiscal year. Alumni who are interested in volunteering for the Annual Fund, but who don't have the time to devote to serving as a Lead Agent should consider serving as an Associate Agent. We encourage classes to add as many Associate Agents as possible to personally reach as many classmates as possible!

Class Secretaries

Class Secretaries compile updates from classmates into a newsletter to keep the class informed of news and events. Newsletters are emailed to the class twice a year. Secretaries are also responsible for class social media pages if they wish to maintain pages specifically for the class.

Reunion Volunteers

Reunion volunteers support the University's fundraising efforts in many different ways, including serving on class committees, planning events, encouraging Annual Fund support, and re-engaging classmates with the University. They represent W&L throughout the country and around the world. Their time and attention help make the reunion experience meaningful and enjoyable for all who return to campus to celebrate their milestone. W&L is fortunate to have about 200 alumni serve in this capacity each year.

Find Your Class Agent