Jane Chiavelli

Extracurricular Involvement

  • President of Delta Society
  • President of Beta Alpha Psi
  • Captain of the Equestrian Team
  • Athletics Strategic Planning Task Force
  • W&L Development Ambassador
  • Money Matters

Off-Campus Experiences

  • Cape Town Internship Program (Summer 2017)

Post-Graduation Plans

Working for PwC in Charlotte, NC in Summer 2018 and then pursuing my Masters in Accounting to sit for the CPA Exam

Favorite Class

Either ACCT 304: Anatomy of a Fraud (Professor Hess) or POL 234: Congress and the Legislative Process (Professor Connelly)

Favorite Professor

Professor (Megan) Hess!

Favorite Lexington Landmark

The Colonnade

Favorite W&L Tradition

The Honor System

Why did you choose W&L?

I chose W&L because I wanted a school where I could explore many interests - not just one. I also liked the small class size and the small-town feel!

What 3 words would you use to describe the Class of 2018?

  • Well-rounded
  • Dedicated
  • Outgoing