Senior Class Agents

Jane Chiavelli

I chose W&L because I wanted a school where I could explore many interests - not just one. I also liked the small class size and the small-town feel!

Hayden Combs

I chose W&L for the location and the strong sense of community on campus.

Emory Cox

I was drawn to W&L because of the university’s rich history, commitment to tradition, culture of honor, and world-class faculty.

Julia Gsell

I visited W&L pretty late in my senior year of high school, but as soon as I got to campus, I realized it was the perfect place for me. I love how well rounded our students are and how much everyone on campus cares about history.

Ralston Hartness

I love the mountains and fell in love with Lexington and the Shenandoah Valley upon my first visit. Although I was initially unsure (like every high-school senior at some point), each time I returned for another visit I experienced more and more of the dynamic and tight-knit community at W&L. The relationships I built with current students and faculty through those visits, along with the blessing of receiving a Johnson Scholarship, really drew me in to Lexington and I simply couldn’t say no.

Arthur Love

When I was in high school and still considering different colleges, I was struck by the genuine enthusiasm from current students and alumni of W&L whenever I mentioned that I was considering the school. It seemed like everyone I met who was affiliated with W&L had nothing but positive things to say. Now, I find myself in those same shoes, telling everyone what a unique experience I’ve had at the school, and how much I will miss the community here when I graduate.

Rebecca Morris

I chose W&L because of how much I love Lexington and the Blue Ridge Mountains and because of how impressed I was by the community committed to honor, tradition, and a well-rounded undergraduate experience I met and observed on campus.

Michael Sullivan

I chose W&L after spending a night on campus as a prospective student and learning about the caliber of student that this school attracts. My peers at W&L are engaged with their community and the people around them, and I realized that there was nowhere else I would rather pursue my education.