What Counts?

The 50th reunion giving total includes the Annual Fund, capital and endowment gifts, 5-year pledges, and planned gifts documented from members of the class. The total of all commitments received from the class will be announced Alumni Weekend. Commitments received after the reunion and by June 30 of the reunion year will be added to the 50th reunion total and included in the historical records.

All gifts must support the mission of Washington and Lee and be accepted by the University. The "reunion class" includes members of the alumni class (graduates and non-graduates) and widows of deceased classmates.

Here's what counts in the 50th reunion totals:

Annual Fund: Annual Fund gifts and pledges made during the 50th reunion fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) are included in the 50th reunion totals. Annual Fund pledges can be made for a total of 5 years (reunion year plus the subsequent four years). These gifts and pledges must be unrestricted and are annually expendable.

Class Gift Project: All outright gifts and 5-year pledges directed to a specific class project(s) selected by the Reunion Committee count. Most reunion projects are announced in the fall of the reunion year. Class members who wish to make a contribution in anticipation of the reunion may designate initially to the "50th reunion fund" and have their gift moved to the specific class project at a later date.

Other Capital and Endowment: All outright capital and endowment gifts, 5-year pledges, and pledge payments to any university fund starting July 1 following the 45th reunion and ending on June 30 five years beyond the 50th reunion (a ten-year period) are included in the reunion totals. This includes all gifts to funds of personal interest that fall outside of the class project.

Planned Gifts, Irrevocable: Irrevocable and documented planned gift commitments received between July 1 following the 45th reunion and June 30 of the 50th reunion year (a five-year period) will be counted at face value. This includes charitable remainder annuity trusts*, unitrusts, charitable gift annuities, pooled income fund arrangements, and other appropriate arrangements.

Planned Gifts, Revocable: Bequests**, IRA and qualified retirement plan beneficiary designations, charitable remainder trusts with revocable remainder interests, and other appropriate arrangements received between July 1 following the 45th reunion and June 30 of the 50th reunion year (a five-year period) will be counted at face value.

Method of Giving

Method of GivingDoes it Count for 50th Reunion?
Annual Fund Contribution and Pledges (up to 5 years) YES
Capital Gifts and 5-Year Pledges YES
Endowment Gifts and 5-Year Pledges YES
Charitable Trusts (irrevocable) YES
Charitable Trusts (revocable remainder) YES*
Gift Annuities YES
Pooled Income Funds YES
Life Insurance (whole life with W&L as owner/beneficiary) YES
Bequests YES**
Retirement Plan Designation YES
Charitable IRA Rollover Provisions YES
Cash or Check payable to Washington and Lee University YES
Stocks and Bonds YES

*Must be documented. Contingent commitments will not be counted.

**Direct bequests and those provisions designating all or a portion of the rest and remainder of an estate are eligible to be counted. To be counted, bequests must be documented. Contingent testamentary provisions will not be counted.