Meet Our Donors Neely Young ’66 Marks His 50th Reunion with a Gift

The family of (Melvin) Neely Young II '66 has been connected with W&L for over 100 years. "My grandfather (Harry K "Cy" Young '17) arrived on campus in 1913," says Young. He went on to become one of the most highly decorated athletes in the school's history and a beloved coach, as well as the first alumni secretary of the school, from 1933 to '58. "I spent a great deal of time visiting my grandparents in Lexington as a child, and still have fond memories of that. It is partly why I chose to retire here," Young recalls.

Young's father, Melvin Neely Young Sr. '43, who recently passed away at the age of 94, as well as his two sons, Josh Young '99 and Carter Young '03, also graduated from the university. He observes: "Many people might think Washington and Lee already has a lot of money, so why should I include them in my charitable giving? But that's not the right question to ask. The right question is, ‘What has the school meant to me and my family?'"

When Young was accepted at W&L, the university offered him a scholarship. "That scholarship made a real difference in my life — it ultimately led to the fellowship I received to study history in graduate school and my career as a secondary school headmaster." A history major at W&L, Young also later became a published author. In recognition of his scholarship, as well as honoring the milestone of his upcoming 50th reunion, Young has made a life-income gift to W&L in the form of a Charitable Gift Annuity to benefit The Class of 1966 History Fund.

"I think loyalty is not something that is based on any particular action or decision," says Young. "I may not agree with every single thing the school does, but my family will always support W&L, because we are loyal to the institution and what it stands for, and recognize the great impact the university has had in terms of our lives."