Endowment Giving The Importance of Endowment

40%Percentage of W&L's 2015-16 operating budget derived from endowment earnings
$1.477 billionW&L's endowment as of June 30, 2016
$12.15 million Gifts and pledge payments invested in W&L's endowment in 2015-16

Earnings from endowments provide the great majority of the philanthropic support sustaining W&L each year. When you give a gift to establish or build an endowment, your gift:

  • Provides annual revenues that support the chosen purpose of your endowed fund
  • Helps W&L keep tuition increases to a minimum
  • Contributes to the financial strength that allows W&L to remain true to its mission

W&L has established specific funding priorities and endowment sizes so your investment in an existing or new endowment will be helpful and effective.

Endowment Thresholds

Endowment thresholds are the minimum gift you would need to give to establish an endowment supporting one of W&L’s current fundraising priorities.