Indoor Athletics and Recreation Fundraising Goal: $50 million

In the 40+ years since the Warner Athletic Center was built, W&L has gone co-ed, doubled the number of sports teams, and grown a thriving campus recreation program. It's time to upgrade W&L's indoor athletic and recreation facilities to meet the needs of today's campus community, and to match the outstanding quality of W&L's outdoor facilities.

The first phase of W&L's indoor athletics and recreation facilities project was completed with the opening of the Washington and Lee natatorium in the spring of 2017. Now W&L is focusing on the second stage of this initiative, in which:

  • Doremus Gymnasium will be sensitively renovated and upgraded.
  • The Warner Center will be taken down to its foundations and completely rebuilt.

Your help is needed to complete this vital project. To learn more about how you can support indoor athletic and recreation facilities at W&L please contact W&L's leadership giving team today.

Upgraded Doremus-Warner Complex

The upgraded Doremus-Warner Complex will include three gymnasiums, an expanded fitness center, new spaces for recreational and team practices, and much more.


The Washington and Lee Natatorium opened in the spring of 2017. It features a "fast" 25 yard x 39.3 meter pool with all-deep racing course, mechanical systems for a clean, healthy and safe swimming experience and great spaces for spectators, locker rooms, offices and training.