Endowment Thresholds Creating Permanent Support

The following are minimum levels at which a donor may establish an endowment to support W&L's highest fundraising priorities today.

To learn more about establishing or supporting an endowment, please contact W&L's leadership giving team today.

Support for Students


Full Scholarships Providing Tuition, Room & Board: $1,500,000 minimum
These are individual named merit-based or need-based scholarships. Named scholarship endowments at this level are intended to cover a substantial portion of the costs of tuition, room and board for scholarship recipients, and help Washington and Lee attract and support the very best students from around the world.

Full Scholarships Providing Tuition: $1,000,000 minimum
These are individual named scholarships covering the full cost of tuition for scholarship recipients. Donors may select broad preferences for the award.

Distinguished Scholarships: $500,000 minimum
These named scholarship endowments support part of the cost of tuition for students. Donors may select broad preferences for the award.

Washington and Lee Scholarships: $100,000 minimum
These named scholarship endowments support part of the cost of tuition for students, and are usually pooled with other funds to create aid packages.

University Scholarship Fund: $50,000 minimum
Gifts to this fund support Washington and Lee's general scholarship endowment. Donors making an initial gift to the University Scholarship Fund may add to their gift over time in order to build it to a named scholarship level.

Endowments Supporting Student Learning Experiences: $150,000 minimum
Gifts supporting student learning experiences may be directed to support one or more of a variety of learning opportunities at Washington and Lee, including:

  • Summer internships
  • Study abroad experiences
  • Faculty-mentored summer research
  • Externship / Clinical Travel Fund for law students

Support for Faculty


Create and Name a New Position: $3,500,000 minimum
These gifts allow for the establishment of a faculty position in an identified and approved strategic priority area within the curriculum.

Endow and Name an Existing Position: $2,500,000 minimum
These gifts allow Washington and Lee to recognize and support its best and most senior faculty members.

Endowments Supporting Visiting Artists, Scholars and Executives

Visiting Scholars and Artists: $1,500,000 minimum
Gifts allow Washington and Lee to bring distinguished scholars and artists from around the country and the world to campus to enrich the curriculum with academic expertise not represented in the permanent faculty.

Visiting Lecturers and Executives: $250,000 minimum
Gifts allow Washington and Lee to bring distinguished academic and professional visitors from around the world to campus for shorter periods of time, to work directly with students and to interact with Washington and Lee faculty.

Endowments Supporting Faculty Initiatives

Endowments for Faculty Initiatives: $100,000 minimum
Gifts assist Washington and Lee faculty in revitalizing the curriculum, and celebrate and support the unique and rich opportunities the University's curriculum affords for student learning. Gifts to a faculty initiatives fund may support such activities as:

  • New course development
  • Curriculum innovation
  • Faculty professional development, including summer grants and research abroad during the summer
  • Electronic research resources (databases, etc.) to support faculty research

Support for Academic Programs

Department and Program Support Funds: $100,000 minimum
The departments and programs of Washington and Lee are challenged to support the many creative ideas and worthwhile activities of their faculty and students. Departmental and Program Support Funds help to underwrite the many educational events and activities such as seminar series and special speakers that are so important in enriching the academic life of the University. All departments and programs seek these endowment funds.

Library Fund: $50,000 minimum
Gifts to these named funds purchase books and materials for Leyburn Library, Telford Science Library, and the Law Library that are beyond budget resources.