Funding Priorities

Learn more about W&L's top fundraising priorities:

Indoor Athletics and Recreation Fundraising Goal: $50 million

Help enhance W&L’s indoor athletic and recreation facilities to the same caliber of its outdoor facilities.

Summer Learning Opportunities Fundraising Goal: $3.5 million

Summer learning opportunities such as research positions, internships and service projects are a top fundraising priority at W&L today.

Spring Term Fundraising Goal: $4 million

Spring Term at W&L is four weeks of amazing, creative and intensive teaching and learning. But it’s only possible because of the generous support of donors.

Scholarships An Ongoing University Priority

Scholarships help W&L attract great students—regardless of their financial circumstances. W&L raised $160 million for this priority from the recently-concluded campaign. However, scholarships remain an ongoing fundraising priority of top importance.

Endowment Creating Permanent Support

Gifts to the endowment create permanent support for the people and programs that are at the heart of the Washington and Lee experience.

The Annual Fund Invest in Today's W&L

The 2018-19 goal for W&L's Annual Fund is $11.075 million