Fechnay Challenge Course

The challenge course is a sequence of contracts/goal setting, cooperative games, initiatives, low ropes activities and high ropes elements designed to build confidence, teamwork and leadership skills. The decision to participate in any or all elements is left up to the participants ("Challenge By Choice" concept). Low elements generally take place 18 - 24 inches off the ground; high elements are belayed by a safety rope, with a helmet worn at all times. Approximately 80% of an organization's experience will take place either on the ground or on low elements.

All registered events will take place on the day scheduled, rain or shine.

The ropes challenge course is funded by the Fechnay Leadership Development Program, which was established by Scott Fechnay, class of 1969. The course was built by Karl Rohnke, class of 1960, an international leader and author in adventure learning and a founder of High 5 Adventure Learning. Both Scott and Karl are committed to teaching, developing and refining leadership capabilities within the Washington and Lee community.

Leadership Development Goals:

1. To provide participants opportunities for learning, understanding and application of tangible and intangible leadership skills through adventure and classroom activities;

2. To develop within participating individuals and groups the following leadership capabilities:

  • inspiring a shared team vision through goal setting, initiatives and evaluation;
  • enabling others to achieve their potential through collaboration and teamwork;
  • improving the process of strategic problem solving through development and practice of risk taking, assessment and communication skills;
  • encouraging the heart by recognizing contributions and celebrating accomplishments;
  • increasing personal self-confidence, trust, and mutual support throughout a team;
  • leading by moral and ethical example.

The Registration Form must be completed and signed by the organizer and returned to James Dick, Manager of the Fechnay Challenge Course, Elrod Commons 115. Prior to completing the paperwork, please contact James to discuss the group's goals and desired outcomes.

The Health Disclosure and Acknowledgement of Risk forms must be completed and signed by each participant and returned to James Dick, Manager of the Fechnay Challenge Course, Elrod Commons 115.

For more information, please call (540) 458-4066.