Housing Lottery Instructions

Students who do not follow the instructions below will have to wait until after the lottery has ended to choose a housing assignment, working directly with the Office of Residential Life.

1.  PAY A SECURITY DEPOSIT by Monday, March 28 at 3pm ET.

  • Go to the Business Office (2 South Main Street) to pay your security deposit of $150.00 (cash or check payable to Washington and Lee University) at your earliest convenience and no later than 3pm on March 28.  If you plan to use a credit that already exists on your student account as your deposit, you must contact the Business Office at 540-458-8732 or email businessoffice@wlu.edu.  Note:  The Business Office does not accept credit or debit cards.

2.  REGISTER Online March 13 - 28:
Currently enrolled undergraduate students (Classes of 2020, 2019 and 2018) without a predesignated room assignment in a Greek or theme house or CA unit are eligible to participate in the Housing Lottery. Students participating in Fall Study Abroad are not eligible to participate in the Housing Lottery. The Office of Residential Life will work closely with these students to secure housing assignments for Winter/Spring Term 2018 during Fall Term.

  • Login to eRezLife using your W&L username and password.
    Only currently enrolled undergraduate students may register for the lottery. Students on approved leaves are considered enrolled students for lottery purposes.  Students who have withdrawn from the University and are eligible for reinstatement fall term are not eligible to participate in the lottery.  The Office of Residential Life will work with these students individually when reinstatement applications are approved.
  • Click on "Housing Applications" which takes you to your Housing Dashboard  (Remember this step!!)
  • Under Fall 2017 Applications, click on "Apply" next to "Housing Contract" to agree to the terms and submit the 2017-2018 Housing Contract.
  • Once you have submitted the Housing Contract, you will be able to register for the Housing Lottery by clicking on Apply for Specialty Housing and select Lottery Registration.
  • Click "Confirm and Submit" on the final section
  • For lottery eligible rising sophomores and lottery eligible rising juniors, a countdown including your lottery time will post immediately to your Housing Dashboard upon the successful completion of your online lottery registration application.  If a countdown does not appear on your Housing Dashboard immediately after registering, please contact Sarah Walker (swalker@wlu.edu) to determine lottery eligibility.  Rising seniors without a room assignment may register for the housing lottery, however there is a possibility that not every Class of 2018 registration will be accepted depending on supply and demand. For this reason, lottery times will not post to Housing Dashboards for rising seniors until after lottery registrations close.  Additionally, rising seniors will be notified via W&L email by 5pm on March 30 if your lottery registration is denied and you are not eligible for campus housing due to space limitations. This applies only to Class of 2018 members. Class of 2019 and 2020 members are guaranteed a space in campus housing in order to comply with the 3-year residency requirement.
    **If you fail to register or pay your Housing Deposit by March 28, you will have to wait until after the housing lottery to select a room by contacting the Office of Residential Life.  If you are required to live in campus housing and have not contacted the Office of Residential Life within 2 weeks after the lottery, you will be randomly assigned to campus housing for Fall 2017, notified and billed accordingly.
  • View floorplans in advance of Room Selection as you prepare. Digital Floorplans that will be used during the lottery are available to review NOW from your Housing Dashboard.  Detailed floorplans are available on our Residential Life website and contain approximate room dimensions, as well as room types (single/double).  You will want to become familiar with both versions so you are positive what unit/room/room type you are signing up for when your designated room selection time arrives. The room assigned to you during the housing lottery is the room you will be required to live in. Make your selections carefully!
  • Students should check the web directory to confirm class year is consistent with University designation.  If you believe the class year displayed in the web directory is incorrect, contact the Office of Residential Life immediately to discuss the discrepancy.
  • You should also ensure all others in your group have registered (countdown appears on their Housing Dashboards), paid their housing deposits and have double checked official Class Year designations in order to ensure no issues during room selection.

3.  ONLINE ROOM SELECTION:  Select your housing at or after your assigned time (as shown on your Housing Dashboard).



  • Login to your Housing Dashboard at your given lottery time as displayed on your Housing Dashboard. From your Housing Dashboard click on "Select your Room" at the top right side of the page. You will then be directed to the campus map.  In order to have the best selection possible, you should plan to have the student within your group with the earliest lottery time select for the entire group.
  • Select Building, Floor and Room with space available:
    To the left of the campus map, you can select the building in which you are interested in living.  From there, you may select a floor of that building. After you click on a floor, you will see a digitized layout of the floor in the center of the screen.  A "RESERVE" button will be present on any rooms in which spaces are available for your selection.  This button will show how many beds are currently available in that room (x1 or x2).  Refer to floorplans on our website if you are unsure if the room is a double or single, as you will be charged accordingly.  If there is no "Reserve" button, the space is no longer available.
  • Select Room, Roommate(s) and Apartment/Housemates:
    After you click "RESERVE" a box will pop up to allow you to select roommate (if applicable) and apartment/housemates (if applicable).  This box will also display a countdown informing you that the room will be held for 5 minutes while you request room/apartment/housemate(s).  You may now type in the name of any student registered for the lottery with whom you wish to live.  *See Housing Lottery FAQs for instructions on how to select students in a different class year than you.  You can search for roommates by either First Name or Last Name so be sure to use full legal names and know the exact spelling.  Individuals with pending roommate requests, assignments in theme or Greek houses, or those NOT registered for the lottery may not be requested as room/apartment/housemates.  Once you have selected your desired roommate (and apartment/housemates if applicable), click the "Reserve" button.  A 5-minute countdown will appear as you only have 5 minutes to make all room/apartment/housemate selections.  If the time expires before you complete your roommate requests, the entire apartment/house in the Village will be released back in to the system and will be available for others to immediately reserve and you will be required to start the entire room selection process over.  It is important for you to be prepared and act quickly once you begin the room reservation process.
    After you request a roommate/apartment/housemates, each person in the group will receive a notification to his/her W&L email instructing them of the pending roommate request.  The selected roommate/apartment/housemates must individually login to his/her Housing Dashboard to accept or deny the request within 12 hours.    For The Village, if a person in the group denies the roommate request, the entire unit will be released back for others to choose from and your entire group must start over.  It is important to understand that all roommate/apartment/housemate requests must be mutual so please plan ahead.
  • Once you and your room/apartment/housemates have selected/confirmed rooms on your Housing Dashboard, your room assignment for next year will be displayed confirming your room assignment.  The room assigned to you during the housing lottery is the room you will be required to live in next year unless you are granted approval for a room change from the Office of Residential Life.

Room/Apartment/Housemates: Students who choose to live together should participate with the student whose lottery timeslot is the earliest. The entire group must be in agreement and each member must have registered online and paid the housing deposit prior to the March 27 deadline. For the Village area, the units must be completely filled at the initial signup time. Each person in your group must login to his/her Housing Dashboard to accept the roommate request within 12 hours. If no response or if the request is declined, the entire unit will be released and the group must start over. If you have any extra bed spaces in your Woods Creek apartment, please note that at any time someone may select that space or be assigned to that space by the Office of Residential Life. Therefore, please choose units that have the same number of bed spaces as the number of people in your group. If you have a later lottery time, be prepared to quickly make a decision on who will leave your group in case there are no longer any units available that suit your group's needs. Rising juniors wishing to live in the same apartment as rising sophomores will need to wait until 6am on the Sophomore Day (Day 2) in order to select sophomores as roommates. Rising juniors and/or sophomores wishing to live with seniors (must be registered), will need to wait until 6am on the Senior Day (Day 3) in order to select a senior as a roommate.

Coed Housing: Several units within the Village and Woods Creek have the option of being filled by a mixed group of men and women.  These units will be noted with a coed label on the eRezLife floorplans.

Greek Houses:  Greek houses are assigned by the individual chapters. If you have received a room assignment in Greek housing, you will NOT participate in the Upper-Division Housing Lottery.

Theme Houses:  Theme Houses are assigned by an application process.  If you have received a room assignment in theme housing, you will NOT participate in the Upper-Division Housing Lottery.  If you wish to be added to a house waitlist, please email the respective house contact as listed on the individual theme house webpages.

2017-2018 Theme Houses:

Please visit each theme house webpage for full theme house description, including location, number or residents, room types, eligibility, floorplans, etc.  

Mail your security deposit of $150.00 to the Business Office for receipt on/before March 28 - check payable to Washington and Lee University. DO NOT MAIL CASH. Write "2017-2018 Housing Deposit" in the memo and mail as follows:
Attn: Accounts Receivable, Business Office
Washington and Lee University
204 W Washington Street
Lexington, VA 24450

If you plan to use a credit that already exists on your student account as your deposit, you must contact the Business Office at 540-458-8732 or email businessoffice@wlu.edu.  Note:  The Business Office does not accept credit or debit cards.

Register online (see above instructions) by the deadline. Notify others in your group of your time. If you happen to have the earliest timeslot, you will need to be responsible for room selection in order to have the best choices.

Questions?  Visit Housing Lottery FAQs.

Any further questions about the Housing Lottery may be directed to your RA/CA, Amy Perkins or Sarah Walker. All students participating in the Housing Lottery must pay a deposit and register prior to 3pm ET on March 28.  Please note that your lottery time will be void and you will not be allowed to participate in the housing lottery if you fail to pay a security deposit by the March 28 deadline, if you will be on Study Abroad Fall term 2017, or if you have received an assignment in a Greek or theme house or CA unit.