Woods Creek Apartments

Location: East Denny Circle, behind Leyburn Library
Floors: up to 6
Coed: by Apartment
Room Types: Singles and Doubles
Residents:  178
Air Conditioning: Yes
Elevator:  No
On-Site Laundry Room:  Yes; Central and East have a washer and dryer in each apartment unit. West will also have a washer and dyer in each unit after the Summer 2019 renovations are complete. 
Assigned: by Housing Lottery; partial fill permitted

Woods Creek complex consists of three apartment-style residence hall buildings.  Woods Creek Central and East were renovated in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Woods Creek West will be renovated during the summer of 2019. Renovations include granite countertops, new cabinetry, ceiling fans, microwaves, new furniture, flooring, updated bathrooms, full-sized XL beds and washer and dryer within each apartment. 

Apartment Contents:
Apartments contain three, four or five bedrooms, a large bathroom (shower curtain provided), kitchen, living room, and a balcony. Single bedrooms are generally 12' x 11' or slightly larger. Double bedrooms are generally 12 'x 21'.  XFINITY On CampusTM is included with on-campus housing! 

Bedroom Contents:

  • One XL Full bed with mattress per resident
  • One wooden desk per resident
  • One desk chair per resident
  • One 4-drawer dresser per resident
  • One wardrobe per resident
  • Wireless internet
  • Vinyl tile flooring
  • West will have carpet flooring (tight, industrial, very low pile)

Kitchen Contents:

  • Refrigerator
  • Range/oven
  • Sink
  • Cabinets
  • Dining table and four chairs
  • Dishwasher (in Central and East only for Fall 2018)
  • Microwave (in Central and East only only for Fall 2018)
    **Pots, Pans, Dishes, Utensils NOT provided

Living Room Contents:

  • One couch
  • Two chairs
  • One coffee table
  • Cable TV jack

Woods Creek Apartment Floor Plans

The letters in the apartment addresses note the quadrant of the buildings; the numbers note floor level. However, the numbers are only relative because the apartment buildings are built into a hill. So the highest number in a quadrant will always be the top floor, but the lowest number is not necessarily at ground level.

The apartment floor plans are all similar to Woods Creek East D1, with a living room, kitchen, large bathroom, and balcony.

Woods Creek East
(Next to Public Safety Office)   
Woods Creek Central
(Middle Building)
Woods Creek West
(Closer to Parking Garage)   

1st Floor
D1 (3 SL, 1 DB)

2nd Floor
C1 (4 SL)
D2 (3 SL, 1 DB)

3rd Floor
A1 (3 SL, 1 DB)
B1 (4 SL)
C2 (4 SL)
D3 (CA/Staff)

4th Floor
A2 (3 SL, 1 DB)
B2 (4 SL)
C3 (CA/Staff)
D4 (3 SL, 1 DB)

5th Floor
A3 (3 SL, 1 DB)
B3 (CA/Staff)
C4 (4 SL)
D5 (3 SL, 1 DB)

6th Floor
B4 (4 SL)
C5 (4 SL)

1st Floor
J1 (3 SL)
K1 (3 SL)

2nd Floor
J2 (5 SL)
K2 (CA/Staff)

3rd Floor
J3 (5 SL)
(5 SL)

1st Floor

H1 (3 SL, 1 DB)

2nd Floor
G1 (4 SL)
(3 SL, 1 DB)

3rd Floor
E1 (3 SL, 1 DB)
F1 (4 SL)
G2 (CA/Staff)
H3 (3 SL, 1 DB)

4th Floor
E2 (3 SL, 1 DB)
F2 (4 SL)
G3 (CA/Staff)
H4 (3 SL, 1 DB)

5th Floor
E3 (3 SL, 1 DB)
F3 (4 SL)
G4 (CA/Staff)
H5 (3 SL, 1 DB)

6th Floor
F4 (4 SL)
G5 (4 SL)


Woods Creek