First-Year Housing Agreement Conditions of Rental

Housing Agreements are acknowledged as part of the New Student Housing application which is completed in the Student GHQ.  All campus residents are required to comply with the policies, guidelines, and expectations for students outlined in the Washington and Lee Student Handbook (

For new students, $850 of your $1,000 nonrefundable reservation fee will be applied toward your fall-term tuition. The remaining $150 will be held as a housing deposit which is returnable at the end of the academic year, less any subsequent charges assessed for damages to the room. Students also share responsibility for damage to common living areas and furnishings. Any damage caused by vandalism during the academic year will be immediately charged to the student(s). Payment will be due at that time, and may not be deducted from the security deposit. A $150 charge will be assessed for unreturned or lost keys.  Lost keys must be reported to the Office of Residential Life (Commons 227 or immediately in order for the lock to be replaced and new key(s) issued.  Students who do not return keys within 48 hours of checking out will be charged $150 for the lock/key replacement.

Rooms are rented for the entire academic year (12 Week Fall Term; 12 Week Winter Term; 4 Week Spring Term), not by the month, with rents payable in August in advance of the fall term and again in December, in advance of the winter term. If a student has paid for either the fall or the winter term, there is no additional charge for spring term. Students returning only for a spring term enrollment will pay a prorate amount for housing. Students may NOT move into the residence halls before their designated move-in date.

No refunds are made to students who withdraw voluntarily or involuntarily from the University. Residence hall rental licenses and room assignments are not transferable without permission from the Dean for First-Year Experience. Students agree to respect the rights of roommates, particularly the right to restrict visitors to the room and the right to a reasonable degree of privacy. All students should recognize that living in a residence hall requires compromises among residents. All students are strongly encouraged to secure renters insurance while living in on-campus housing.  

First-Year room assignments are made by the Dean for First-Year Experience.  So far as feasible, students are assigned to their preferred room type (single/double/triple) on a first-come, first-served basis. Assignments to residence hall rooms can ordinarily be regarded as final and permanent. However, the University reserves the right to make adjustments in room assignments where it deems necessary. Please indicate your preference for single, double or triple room, but please note that the University cannot absolutely guarantee the availability of the type of room you request.

New Student Move-In Dates

Fall Athletes (including Cheer): Please contact your coach for your early arrival date, which varies by sport. Your coach will issue room keys and you will move directly into your assigned room for the academic year upon arrival. 
International Students Information regarding International Orientation, including your move-in date, will be provided to you by the International Education department. You will move directly into your assigned room for the academic year upon arrival.

Substance-Free Housing Option

Alcohol and other drugs are not permitted in FY residence halls at any time, but SubFree Housing goes a step further. Selecting Sub Free Housing indicates you will abstain from using alcohol and other drugs at all times and that you wish to live with other students who will do the same. 

Coed Housing Option

Coed Housing means you will be on a hall with men and women as hallmates assigned to the same RA, as opposed to a hall of all men or all women. Roommates will always be of the same gender, and none of the bathrooms in First-Year residence halls are coed.

Residence Hall Dates