Cable TV

XFINITY On CampusTM  (streaming service) is included with on-campus housing!  NOTE:  This is the only cable TV option available in the First-Year residence halls, bedrooms in Woods Creek apartments, theme houses and sorority houses.   With XFINITY On CampusTM you get the same basic cable channels as the traditional coax connection provides, plus the option to purchase additional packages with a credit/debit card, all available to stream on any device when you want, anywhere on campus. (Note: In order for this streaming service to work, you must be a resident in campus housing and be connected to W&L Wifi.)

CLICK HERE for a full list of cable channels.

Traditional Coax-Based Cable:
The traditional coax-based service through Comcast is available in the living rooms at Woods Creek apartments, Village townhouses and Village apartments and is full HD.  The full digital HD service requires all televisions to have a Clear QAM tuner. Most (but not all) televisions built after 2006 will have a Clear QAM tuner.  For fraternity houses, cable TV is provided by individual chapters and not by the University.

Check your TV Tuner Type for Compatibility
• NTSC - this type of tuner is not compatible - you will not be able to access Comcast cable
• ATSC - this type of tuner is not compatible - you will not be able to access Comcast cable
• QAM (CLEAR QAM) - required to receive Comcast coax-based cable service in the resident halls
** Element brand tvs are NOT compatible with our cable system.**

Questions OR to Report a Problem:  Visit Cable TV and Xfinity Streaming FAQs or contact the ITS Help Desk at 540-458-4357.