Parent Perspective

June 2017

BetterU: Travel and Explkoration App, Mind Your Mind, Ask the Experts • FitnessU: Push (yourself) up to better fitness • Go to the source: Figuring out where your food comes from • Jobs and internships: Find your leadership potential this summer • Opioid epidemic: What it looks like, what it means, & what to do • Tame the tension: Science-backed ways to talk it out • Understanding self-injury and how to cope with emotional pain • Virtual abuse? How to build a positive online community

May 2017

5 ways to get more done • Attitude adjustment: How to work it so you work out more • BetterU • How to eat what you love & love what you eat • Speaking, performing, presenting? How to turn fear into fuel • Take a nap or push on through? • UCookbook: Protein-packed pancakes • What to say when your friend's been sexually assaulted

April 2017

10 test tips: How to remember that stuff you forget • BetterU • FitnessU: The best warm-ups for all workouts •No excuse needed: Why travel is good for your health • Scroll on by: 5 ways to make a phone-free moment • The art of failure: How to feel the benefits • Yes, it's still coercion or assault: Relationship abuse and what to do about it • Your perfect plate: All the things in one easy recipe

March 2017

Ask a pharmacologist: Can I take something to boost my brain? • BetterU • Bliss out, don't miss out: The joy and solace of sleep • How to eat better without really trying • Take it outside: 7 ways to get active with nature • UCookbook: Beans and greens burger • Unseen survivors: When sexual violence goes under the radar • Your everyday money mistakes: 5 ways to spend smarter

February 2017

4 reasons to prioritize laughter • BetterU • FitnessU: Pairing up to sweat it out • Next-level grilled cheese (and you'll want fries with that) • Preventing suicide: What to do when a friend needs help • Sexual violence in LGBTQ communities: How we can help to prevent it • Students get real about race - and how to help each other • The online student: How to connect in the digital classroom

January 2017

BetterU • Birth control and protection: what works best for you? • How to make sense of your symptoms online • Systems that stick: the science of changing yourself • The new food rule: your guide to quick nutrition decisions • UCookbook: Bean burrito bowl • Unbroken: accepting who you are and what you need • Vital vocab for hookups, relationships, & everything in between • Feature Article: When is marijuana use a problem? And why that's hard to answer

December 2016

BetterU • Check your anxiety: Students share what works (and what doesn't) • Eat right now: Nutrition essentials made easy • FitnessU: High-intensity interval training (HIIT): A fast way to get fit • Getting tested: What do you know about sexual health (and everything) ? • How to stretch your way to better sleep • Organize your study space to maximize your time • Quiz: What's your bystander style?

November 2016

Being stalked? 8 ways to help a friend • BetterU • Happy spending: How to budget for a better you • Motivation validation: who and what are you here for? • Self-care quiz: How to avoid what's going around • UCookbook: Moscow mule cocktail • Ultimate life hack: how to make time work for you • Vaping: What we know so far - & what we don't • Drinking: 7 ways to make it work

October 2016

BetterU • Chill out, don't bug out: Your best ways to prep for stress • Creativity: Can you lose yourself to find yourself? • Finding yourself: 8 steps to sexual empowerment • FitnessU: The deck-of-cards workout • Rethinking salad: How to eat happy • Still awake? How to get to sleep when you can't • Student hacks: More freebies than you'll ever get again • Drinking: The Science of the Buzz

September 2016

20 things we wish we'd known sooner • BetterU • Feel like an impostor? How to own your awesome • Quiz: What kind of a roommate are you? • The no-burnout guide to busy • The student guide to going out • UCookbook: Overnight oats • Your fall fitness fix: How & why to make it happen • App of the month: pzizz - This free app uses restful music and soothing vocal suggestions to help you relax, fall asleep, take a nap, and wake up

June 2016

BetterU • FitnessU: Work it out(side) • How to have an actively awesome summer: Turn your fitness dreams into reality • Microtravel: How to get away without going away • Preventing sexual assault in LGBTQ student communities • Tuning in to how you learn: Can music help your grades? • Ucookbook: Creamy dreamy summer bites • Yes, they will Google you: How to be proactive with your online presence • Your top 4 portable protein packs

May 2016

20 ways to manage your money when you don’t have much • BetterU • FitnessU: 10 minutes to win it • How to kill it at your interview • Rev up your day: quick and easy breakfast recipes • Sext request? 6 smart ways to respond • Ucookbook: Salads that rock • Weight vs. wellness: Which goals work for your health? • When is marijuana use a problem? (And why that’s hard to answer)

April 2016

Best friends for never? “How I handled my frenemy” • BetterU • Calling all night owls: Making your sleep habits work for you • Disability? How to work with your school to get what you need • Fitness for focus: How to power up your brain • FitnessU: Stretching it • Let’s talk about sex: How to share what you both want • The power of placebo: Is it the alcohol - or is it partly in your head? • Ucookbook: Fake-out takeout

March 2016

BetterU: Mind Your Mind; Ask the experts • App of the Month – Self Help for Anxiety Management • Ucookbook: Soup up your life • FitnessU: 3 workouts to finally try already • Remember what you learn • Your introvert advantage and how to use it • How to take back the night in 6 steps • Fame vs science: Which drives your health choices? • "Should I eat this?" Your quick guide to food labels • Implants & IUDs: Is long-term birth control for you?

February 2016

Take a nap, or push on through? • Own your sex life: how to talk condoms & STIs • Building a better community: How & why to work the small stuff • What's Batman got to do with body image and eating disorders? • Just dance: 7 reasons to bust a move • UCookbook: Movie munchies • FitnessU: Gymtimidation • App of the Month: Motion Traxx

January 2016

Tune in: 6 podcasts to rock your world • How to pay for college when you can’t • How to rock your bystander interventions • Food hacks for an unhealthy world • 6 ways to survive & thrive in a group project • Can't say no? 8 ways to take back your time • Smart travel hacks • UCookbook: Your week of meals to go • FitnessU: 30-day challenge • App of the Month: TED Talks (free)

December 2015

How to get moving when you just don’t wanna • How to be happy: Why your experiences matter most • Upgrade your sleep: Simple bedroom solutions • How to hang in there when it feels like too much • Everyone’s issue: How we can all help prevent sexual assault • The new sexuality: Living (and loving) without labels • Ucookbook: Fearless fridge feats • FitnessU: Pick your piece

November 2015

Stress & the student body • Spend Smart: 8 steps to a budget that sticks • How to make sense of a food label •What to do when your male friend is sexually assaulted • The new smoke scene – what does it mean for you? • Avoiding the flu – Are your healthy habits enough? • UCookbook: Desserts with no downside •FitnessU: Adjust your energy level • App of the Month: Donate a Photo – Take a pic, share it, and make an impact! For every photo you share, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to the cause of your choice.

October 2015

The 4 keys to college courses • Drained? How to sync your sleep & life • What does spirituality mean to you? • Are you a social engineer? 4 ways to use your powers for good • Are you social or nocial? Take the quiz • Get your nature on – 7 ways to get fit outdoors • Cookbook: Not your average nachos • FitnessU: Don’t bore your core • App of the Month: Mindshift (designed to help you cope with specific anxiety causing situations) FREE

September 2015

First generation college students’ stories and strategies • 25 things college students wish they’d figured out sooner • How to be busy without burning out • Why is everyone talking about sexual assault on campus? • Quiz: Sugar’s about to get real • The constructive student’s guide to passive-aggressive roommates • UCookbook: Sugar-free breakfasts • FitnessU: Campus moves • BetterU: Mind your mind - The first in our series on mindfulness: How mindfulness helps students manage their stress and get more satisfaction life.

June 2015

Motivation fail? 6 ways to fix it • Travel hacks: The student guide to going places • Short & sweat: 5 reasons to ramp up your workout • 10 FYIs on STIs • Red hot or Red Flag? Test your relationship • Unbroken: Embracing who you are and what you need • UCookbook: Nut butter meals •FitnessU: Injury-proof workouts • App of the month: HealthyOut (free) – The HealthyOut app can help you find healthy menu options at restaurants across the US.

May 2015

Your top 4 Portable Protein Packs: How Much Protein do You Need? • A Bit More fit: the Power of Tracking Your Steps • The Job Prob: How Career Services Can Help right Now • Students’ stories: Surviving Sexual Assault and Other Trauma •The Parent Pop quiz: Helicopter, Helpful, or Hands-off? •Mind and Body: A Broader Look at Disordered Eating • App of the Month: Strava Cycling and Running App (free) • UCookbook: Gourmet Sandwiches • FitnessU: Playful Workouts

April 2015

Run for your life – You gave us 7 ways fitness fixes (almost) everything • Personal Mixology – Your body, your life, your limits •Test better – How to remember that stuff you forget • Finding yourself – 9 steps to sexual empowerment • Hangnail or hear attack ? How to navigate online health info • True Grit – How push through and move forward •7 ways to build RESILIENCE • UCookbook: Decontamination Zone • Fitness U: Staircase • App of the month: Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (.99) Run for your life – You gave us 7 ways fitness fixes (almost) everything • Personal Mixology – Your body, your life, your limits •Test better – How to remember that stuff you forget • Finding yourself – 9 steps to sexual empowerment • Hangnail or hear attack ? How to navigate online health info • True Grit – How push through and move forward •7 ways to build RESILIENCE • UCookbook: Decontamination Zone • Fitness U: Staircase • App of the month: Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (.99)

March 2015

Cherish Your Sleep: How to Take Back the Night • Grocery Store Hacks: How to Shop Like A Boss • Everyone’s Issue: How Men Can Help Prevent Sexual Assault • Thrifty Threads: How Students Dress Well and Spend Less • Get Your Academic Act together: Mind Tricks for Meeting Your Deadlines • Suicide Prevention: What to Do When a Friend Needs Help • App of the Month: eCBTcalm – Provides a set of tools to help evaluate personal stress and anxiety • UCookbook – Baked Potatoes • FitnessU – Body Weight Exercises

February 2015

Your Path to Fitness: Which Workout Works Today? • Nutrition Decoded: Answers to Your Dietary Dilemmas • Thumbs Doing All the Talking? Six Ways to Manage Your Messaging • Up In Smoke – Marijuana Laws and Why they Matter • How (and why) to Get That Internship • No Blurred Lines: Clarifying Consent • Are We Best Friends for Life (BFFLs) or Frenemies? • Don’t Panic: How to Get a Hold of Your Anxiety • UCookbook: Batch Cooking • Fitness U: Cardio abs • App of the Month: Pay it Forward $.99 (Random Acts of Kindness)

January 2015

Deal-breaker or game-starter? Check Your Relationship Criteria • The Science of Happy: 8 Ways to Get into the Habit • Small Steps to Big Fitness: A Little Goes A Long Way • Cease the Grease: A Nutritionist Revamps Your Lunch • Breaking Budget: 6 steps to smart spending • Sexual Assault on Campus: Survivors Look to their Community • Online Classes: How to Stand Out in the Digital Classroom • An expert edits your resume • UCookbook: Cooking Basics • Fitness U: Fitting in Fitness • App of the Month: 7 Minute Workout Challenge

December 2014

Capture your calm: 8 Small Steps to Less Stress • Find your Drive to Exercise: Take the Quiz • Calling all Night Owls • A Student’s Guide to Getting Help After A Sexual Assault • Like a Pro: Seven Tips for Powerful Public Speaking • The Job Prob: Making the Most of your Major• Season’s Eatings: Healthy Twists on Holiday Dishes • Capture your calm: 8 Small Steps to Less Stress • Find your Drive to Exercise: Take the Quiz • Calling all Night Owls • A Student’s Guide to Getting Help After A Sexual Assault • Like a Pro: Seven Tips for Powerful Public Speaking•The Job Prob: Making the Most of your Major • Season’s Eatings: Healthy Twists on Holiday Dishes • UCookbooK: Holiday Meals • FitnessU: Dance Party

November 2014

Team up: Why working out in groups works • Understanding depression: A student's journey • Beyond pregnancy prevention: A custom guide to birth control • Fact-check the flu: Immunize yourself against the myths • Does your spending need a reality check: How to budget better • The Job Prob: How learning to lead can help you succeed • Profile of a friend: How to be an ally to survivors of sexual assault • UCookbook: Convenience Store • FitnessU: Resistance Bands

October 2014

All in one workouts: How to build strength, stamina, and flexibility anywhere • Battle of the bars: Is your nutrition bar all health or all hype? • - The science of choice: Strategies for better health habits • Academic hangover: How your brain is affected by drinking • The Job Prob: Forecasting your future in the job market • The pursuit of perfection: What is the cost of your high standards? • Profile of a bystander: How to prevent sexual assault on campus • UCookbook: Roasted Vegetables • FitnessU: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

September 2014

Desirable habits: Systems for your self-transformation • Look up! Is your smartphone replacing your social life? • Good mood food: The new twist on emotional eating • Bike here, not there: How to be an assertive cyclist • Profile of a perpetrator: What & who is responsible for sexual assault on campus • Start smart: Transition tips for the school year from a student and a counselor • Sleep study: Top 10 tips for better nights • UCookbook: anti-breakfast • FitnessU: Yoga for Transitions

Orientation Issue

Special Orientation Issue: Articles about dealing with roommates • staying active and eating well • making money last • and much more

June 2014

Take Charge of Your Credit: What It Means and How to Make It Stronger • 30 Seconds to Make an Impression: How to Market Yourself in Any Situation • Love Your Body • Go Off the Grid: How Unplugging Can Help You Unwind • Your Core is Key: How to Build Abdominal and Back Strength • Think Clean, Go Green: Explore Natural lternatives to Toxic Cleaning Products • Active Listener or Problem Solver? How to Help Friends Through Tough Times • UCookbook: Creative Popcorn Prep • FitnessU: Pushup Workouts for Everyone

May 2014

How Do You Define Sex? Understanding What Intimacy Means To You • You Snooze, You Win: How Sleep Helps You Retain Memory • What's Next? Conquering Your Fear of the Future • Let's Get Cooking: 4 Basic Techniques You Need to Know • Impress Your Interviewer: Tips for Tackling Tough Questions • The Body as a Canvas: Choosing if Body Art is Right for You • Resolve It: Simple Ways to work Through Conflict • Stay Focused Anywhere: How to Overcome Study Distractions • UCookbook: Baked, Not Fried •FitnessU: Playful Workouts

April 2014

Taking the Fear Out of Financial Aid: Learn How to Manage Loans and Grants • Get the Scoop Before Your Interview: 3 Ways to Stand Out to Potential Employers • Stress Effects: Understanding Your Body's Reaction to Tension • Turn Conversations into Connections: Tips on Meeting People and Building Friendships • -5 Effective Fitness Fads: Learn the Pros and Cons of the Latest Routines • Beyond the Books: Discover All Your Library Has to Offer • When Is Alcohol a Problem? How to Talk About Lower-Risk Drinking Choices • FitnessU: Martial Arts-Inspired Workouts • UCookbook: Savory Sandwiches

Parent Persepectives March 2014

The 10-Dollar Challenge: How to Eat Healthfully on a Budget • Creating Your Own Happiness: Realize the Joys of Being Single • 5 Questions to Answer in Your Cover Letter • What is Consent? How to Understand and Talk About Personal Boundaries • Take Control of Your To-Do List: Find the Time-Management Tactics That Fit Your Personality • Tone Up with Tech: Innovative Tools to Help You Hit Your Fitness Goals • Failure Is a Part of Success: How to Feel Empowered and Move Forward • -UCookbook: Quick & Healthy Pizzas • FitnessU: Dumbbells 101

February 2014

Stop Hitting Snooze: How to Make the Most of Your Morning • 10 Tips for Having a Blast on a Budget • Curb Your Cravings: Strategies to Become a Mindful Eater • 6 Ways to Ace Your Next Paper: Strategies to Reduce your Academic Stress • The Reality of Romance: 5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Relationships • The Art of Active Listening • Crack the Job Listing Code -Bring Home the Gold: Olympic Workouts You Can Do Anywhere • UCookbook: Healthy Microwave Desserts • FitnessU: Boot-camp Style Workouts

Parent Perspective

Creative Kitchen Solutions: Tips for Making Meals Using Any Tool • 3 Steps to Bounce Back from an Academic Setback • Finding Harmony: Strategies for Successfully Sharing Living Spaces • Commit to Your Future: How Exploring Your Interests Can Help You Reach Your Goals • Organize Your Job Search: Strategies for Landing Your Ideal Position • Tech Envy: How to Avoid the Upgrade Urge • Health Brief: Conquer the Common Cold • Conquer Your Stress: Exploring Your Personal Triggers • Queen of Pushups, King of Squats: Find a Fun Workout that Suits You • UCookbook: Meals for $3 or Less Per Serving • FitnessU: Creative Exercises with Equipment

Parent Perspective

Fitting in Fitness: 20 Minute Workouts to Fill Your Week • Boost Your Metabolism While Sleeping • How to Manage Anxiety for Any Assignment • Swipe or No Swipe?: 5 Practical Tips for Using Credit Cards • How Do You Do It? Explore Your Safer Sex Options • Relationship Red Flags: How to Recognize Abuse • Health Brief: Conquer the Common Cold • Health Brief: Brain-Boosting Snacks • -UCookbook: Healthy Cookies • -FitnessU: Stress-relieving WorkoutsFitting in Fitness: 20 Minute Workouts to Fill Your Week • Boost Your Metabolism While Sleeping • How to Manage Anxiety for Any Assignment • Swipe or No Swipe?: 5 Practical Tips for Using Credit Cards • How Do You Do It? Explore Your Safer Sex Options • Relationship Red Flags: How to Recognize Abuse • Health Brief: Conquer the Common Cold • Health Brief: Brain-Boosting Snacks • -UCookbook: Healthy Cookies • -FitnessU: Stress-relieving Workouts

November 2013

Sweat Out Your Stress • What's the Right Number of Meals for You? • Discover How Food Frequency Affects your Energy • The Many Faces of Depression: How to Recognize Warning Signs • 5 Study Methods That Actually Work • Making the Most of Your Career Center • Boost your Body Confidence: Strategies to Improve Your Self-Image • -"I Only Smoke When..." How Casual Cigarettes Catch Up With You • UCookbook: 4 - Ingredient Meals • FitnessU: Abs Without Crunches

October 2013

Going Beyond Pen and Paper: How to Enhance Your Note-Taking Techniques • Do You Drink? Exploring the Reasons Behind Your Choices • The FoMO Phenomenon: Why You May Have a Fear of Missing Out • That Thing at the Gym? What It Is and How to Work It • Roommate Resolutions: Finding Common Ground for Stress-Free Living • Keep Your Weekend Busy...But Free • 10 Ways to Exude Confidence • UCookbook: Creative and Healthy Sandwiches • FitnessU: Quick and Quiet Workout Routines

September 2013

Get Up, Get Going: Quick Breakfasts to Fuel Your Day • What Would You Do? How to Step In and Prevent Sexual Violence • Bedtime Basics: How to Establish Your Nightly Routine • Chart Your Course: Using Your Syllabus to Plan Ahead • The Beginner's Guide to Budgeting • How to Beat Homesickness • 15 Foods to Keep On Hand • UCookbook: Portable Snacks • FitnessU: Exercises in Small Spaces

June 2013

5 Skills to Take Away from Any Job or Internship • Free Yourself from Fast Food: Building Blocks for Budget-Friendly Meals • Master Your Muscle Groups: Exercises to Build Strength This Summer • How Do You Identify? Exploring the Labels of Sexual Identity • Recharge and Refocus: Ways to Make Time for Yourself • Health Brief: Fun in the Sun: Tips for Keeping Food Safe • Health Brief: Energy Drinks • UCookBook: Healthy Summer Foods • FitnessU: Fitness with a Friend

May 2013

Don't Forget to Remember: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Memory • Presenting Yourself to Employers: Building a Professional Online Image • Creative Ways to Break a Sweat: On the Spot Exercises • Unwrap the Facts: Translating Nutrition Labels • How to Adapt When Change Happens • UCookbook: Getting Creative with Packaged Foods • FitnessU: Core

April 2013

Top 5 Foods to Power Up Your Plate • Beat the Stress Before Your Test • Drinking Differences: Reveal the Reality of Your Body's Reaction • Run With Your Passion: How Exercise Can Make a Difference • The Social Web: Pros and Cons of Online Connections • UCookBook: Filling Salads • FitnessU: Equipment-Free Resistance Training

March 2013

The Five Elements of Fitness • Feed Your Body, Nourish Your Mind • The 8 Hour Advantage: Discover the Science Behind Shut-eye • What's Your Learning Style? • The Study Drug Debate: Do They Create an Academic Advantage? • UCookbook: Fast Food or Comfort Food Makeovers • FitnessU: Gym-Free Exercise

February 2013

Solo & Satisfied: Being single in a relationship world • Capturing Your Creativity: How to engage your brain outside the classroom • Get More From Your Core: Why it’s important and how to work it • Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: 5 tips for successful group projects • Too Much, Too Little: Recognizing disordered eating habits • UCookbook: Healthy Chocolate Recipes • FitnessU: Developing Flexibility

January 2013

13 Apps for a Healthy 2013 - Technology you can use to further your wellness • Let’s Talk Sex: 3 steps for keeping it safer • Roommates & Shared Spaces: Do’s & don’ts of living with others • No Stove? No Problem! Simple meals you can prepare anywhere • Present Yourself on Paper: Writing effective résumés & cover letters • UCookbook: Quick & Healthy Microwave Breakfasts • FitnessU: Intervals

December 2012

4 Steps to Successful Finals - Productive study strategies that pay off • Fight the Urge to Splurge - 7 ways to avoid monster spending • Eat Well in Hectic Times - Easy foods that keep you fueled • How to Handle Stress NOW - Steps you can take to manage stress this month • Fling or Forever? - Find what you’re looking for in a relationship • UCookbook: A Sweet Tooth Without Added Sugar • FitnessU: Quick & Effective Exercise During Finals

November 2012

Love Your Body - Learn how to forgive the flaws and embrace the skin you’re in • Snooze or Lose - Find out how to turn fatigued F’s to alert A’s • Good, Quick Sex - Discover how communication and safety can lead to better sex • Sweat Out the Storm - How to stay active in any weather • UCookbook: Let’s Get Fruity: Cooking With Dried Fruits • FitnessU: Understanding and Reaching Your Optimal Heart Rate

October 2012

Train Your Brain - How staying active can lead to better grades this year • Sucrose, Glucose or Fructose? • Eat Right NOW: Answers to your most common nutrition questions • The Drinking Myth - You'll be shocked to find out what's true and false about students and alcohol • Still Fetching Coffee? How to jump-start your career with a meaningful internship now • UCookbook: Vegetarian Dishes Everyone Will Love • FitnessU: Building Stamina and Lung Capacity

September 2012

Eat Well on Campus - Can campus food taste good and be good for you? Find out how! • Budgeting for the Year Ahead - Tips for budgeting, saving, and spending - and still having fun • Room to Study - Creating space to concentrate and study more matter where you're living. • Preventing Violence in Your Community - How students work to prevent violence - and what you can do to help • UCookbook: Healthy Fruit and Veggie Smoothies • FitnessU: The Benefits of Yoga