National Eating Disorders Association:  General information about eating disorders and body image concerns, tips for helping a friend avoid or deal with an eating problem, treatment referrals, prevention and educational materials 

National Institute of Mental Health:  Brochure on Eating Disorders

National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders:  Information about eating disorders and how to confront a friend.

Perfect Illusions2003 PBS show about eating disorders and the family.  Good info on eating disorders and getting help.

American Dietetics Association:  Clicking on Healthy Lifestyle and Knowledge Center will get you to information about eating and an extensive nutrition-reading list.

Food Addicts Anonymous:  This website offers hope for recovery from the despair and shame of food obsession.

Overeaters Anonymous:  OA is a non-profit international organization that provides volunteer support groups worldwide. Patterned after the Twelve-Step Alcoholics Anonymous program, the OA recovery program addresses physical, emotional and spiritual recovery aspects of compulsive overeating.

Something Fishy:  This extensive page provides numerous links and lots of information about eating disorders and body image issues.

Gürze Books:  Gürze Books publishes and distributes a wide variety of book titles dealing with eating and body image issues.  Also information on eating disorders.

Caringonline:  Very comprehensive information with a wide variety of topics.

Mirror Mirror:  Extensive information and links to other eating disorder websites