Traveller Conduct Expectations

PURPOSE: To create a system of accountability for students whose conduct within the Traveller system is not consistent with the values of the University. Our hope is that these students will model their behavior consistent with expectations of all within the University community.

WHO MAY GIVE A SANCTION: Sanctions can be given by Traveller Dispatchers, Dispatch Drivers, Express Bus Drivers, and Traveller Monitors.

DEFINITION OF TRAVELLER VIOLATION: Sanctions will be given to any students who violate established Traveller rules or behave in a way not consistent with stated University expectations as outlined in the Student Handbook when using dispatch or express service. The following are Traveller rules and examples of violations.

i. Traveller Expectations:

a. No alcohol or unsealed beverages on Traveller.
b. Treat Traveller staff with respect.
c. Comply with all Traveller staff directions.
d. One person to a seat (no standing in aisles).
e. No roughhousing / fighting.

ii. Examples of Violations:

a. Refusing to get off an overloaded van/bus when asked.
b. Pushing/shoving to such an extent that it causes harm to other students.
c. Physical abuse of a driver/monitor/dispatcher.
d. Verbal abuse of a driver/monitor/dispatcher.
e. Anything else is left to the discretion of the Traveller Employee.

CONSEQUENCES: The following are the consequences associated with each sanction. Any sanctions that are considered particularly egregious (determined by Traveller Chairs) may be forwarded to the SJC for further conduct action.

o $25 Fine
o Written Apology

o $50 Fine
o Written Apology
o Meeting with Traveller Chair

o $100 Fine
o Written Apology
o Meeting with Traveller Chair

**Refusal to acknowledge or take care of the first sanction within four weeks of the date of issue will result in a second sanction.**

ENFORCEMENT: Traveller employees will be responsible for enforcing the conduct system. When a student violates Traveller policy, he/she will be asked to give their full name and all information for the sanction report form. FALSE IDENTIFICATION MAY BE CONSIDERED AN HONOR VIOLATION.

Any students who receives a third sanction and are suspended from Traveller for one calendar year will have their photos and information posted in the Traveller cubicle and on Express buses so that Traveller employees will be able to identify these individuals.