Traveller Safe Ride Program Transporting nearly 2,000 students every week

  • Traveller serves the W&L Community as a safe ride system
  • Traveller operates two services: Dispatch and Transit
  • For Dispatch, from 10 PM - 2 AM call 540-458-8900 for a ride home within a 5 miles radius of campus in one of our two minivans
  • For Transit, from 10 PM - 2 AM we run five 24 passenger buses on a fixed route Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights (Mondays are added for Spring Term)
  • Dispatch will service most rides but cannot service your request if it is on a night where Transit is running and your pick up/drop off are on the route.

The Traveller conduct system is in effect for all Traveller Express and Traveller Dispatch services. Behavioral expectations are posted in all buses as well as described in the Traveller Conduct Code, and are as follows:

  1. No alcohol or unsealed beverages on any Traveller vehicle.
  2. Treat Traveller staff with respect.
  3. Comply with all Traveller staff directions.
  4. One person to a seat (No standing in the aisles).
  5. No roughhousing or fighting.

Any on-duty Traveller employee (including drivers, dispatchers, and monitors) may issue sanctions to students who do not adhere to these expectations. Please keep in mind that falsely identifying yourself may be considered an honor violation, and all such cases will be submitted to the EC. All students are expected to pay the fines associated with the sanctions within in four weeks of the incident. Failure to pay the fines will result in a second sanction. Any student who receives three sanctions will be banned from Traveller for a calendar year.

Thank you for your cooperation as we enforce these policies. For more specific information please click on the left on the link to the entire Conduct Policy document, or contact any of the Traveller chairs for more information at: