Urban Poverty Roanoke, VA

Volunteer Venture: Roanoke focuses on issues of urban poverty. Students work with Total Action Against Poverty (TAP). TAP provides education, training, and life opportunities to enable low-income individuals and families to become self-reliant. TAP "helps those disenfranchised from society discover the American Dream."

From reading to a Head Start classroom to assisting VA Cares in enabling formerly incarcerated individuals to reestablish healthy relationships with their families, Volunteer Venture participants will acquire a knowledge of the many factors contributing to poverty in southwest Virginia and the efforts to alleviate them.

To see more about what you'll be experiencing in Roanoke, feel free to visit this link:


Questions or comments? Please contact Jenny Davidson, Coordinator of Student Service Learning, at jdavidson@wlu.edu or 540-458-4669.

Maximum Number of Participants: 15